Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the state                                  James Angleton, Head of CIA

Australia is a continent, it has only 25 million population and geographically Australia is in a better position to combat COVID 19 better than other countries. However current leaders have failed to protect the people and the economy. President Trump said that it was hoked and it will disappear like magic. Later on, he was accusing China as it didn't inform about the virus on time. My question is, what was the CIA did. You would think the Five Eyes' intelligence has failed to get correct information about the pandemic. Ironically, according to their claim, they get credible information about China's human rights abuses but they could not get the correct information about the pandemic. In January 2020, Australia had only a handful of COVID 19 cases. On 20 January 2020, the Chinese authorities confirm the virus can spread from person-to-person.

On 28 January 2020, the Australia’s chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy advises that “there is no need for the Australian public to wear masks” because there has been no human-to-human transmission in Australia. In January, Australia had only handful of COVID 19 cases. Notably, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton done a perfect job isolating thousands of refugees, I do not believe he is incapable to isolate COVID 19 cases to protect Australians and the economy. The Five Eyes should have made wearing masks mandatory and chosen a specific location to quarantine new arrivals from overseas; so the rest of the country could have functioned normally. It is clear, the Five Eyes has a plan to undermine China, specifically using COVID 19 to expand its allies by demonising and isolating China to maintain its global dominant power. However, If the West is not careful, its strategy may lead to the 3rd world war and that will be the end of human civilisation.

The United States of America is not incapable to stop the 9/11 attack or coronavirus unless it is willingly allowing those terrible things to happen to achieve its ulterior motives to keep its dominant world power. America's intelligence budget is more than the rest of the world's combined budget on intelligence. The US has enough information to avoid any disaster. The people who have geopolitical knowledge know that the 9/11 attack was an insider job to invade the Middle East to have access to the oil. Likewise, the US is allowing coronavirus to take a toll on the country to achieve its ulterior motives. It has a plan to isolate China to maintain its global power. It does not matter Republicans or Democrats governing the country, the 1% of the powerful people call the shots and the President must go with the powerful people; otherwise, he will get shot as President J F Kennedy.

President Abraham Lincoln, J F Kennedy, MLK Junior all got shot because they stood against the right-wing ideology. President Trump would not die for the country, he rather entertains the right-wing leaders who want to rule over others. His leadership style is obvious when he had Australian leaders inside the Whitehouse. Late Presidents Abraham Lincoln or J F Kennedy didn't entertain Australians the way President Trump does. Once the virus got out of hand President Trump called a Chinese virus. In the early stages, he said it was hoked and said it will disappear like magic. He deliberately downplayed to fulfill the right-wing leaders' ulterior motives. If President Trump wins, it will lead to a nuclear war, because China would not surrender to the West. The people have a chance to remove President Trump before he starts a nuclear war to please the right-wing leaders while destroying the world.

How New Zealand got COVID 19 after 100 days? It came out of nowhere. Why this scenario cannot apply in Wuhan; instead of saying that China created it. The virus may have spread to the world while China was trying to combat COVID 19 to maintain its status quo. Perhaps China may have deliberately diverted the virus where it came from. Well before the COVID 19 pandemic, the US government's debt was 120% of its GDP. For me, it is clear who created the virus since the trade war didn't yield favourable results. I believe that the virus has been spread to put an end to the global market which is only helping China to become rich and powerful. The west's goal is to encourage local manufacturers in western countries to weaken or eliminate China's global market. 

The first known case of Spanish flu was reported at Camp Funston in Fort Riley, Kansas, on March 11, 1918. Some scholars believe infected soldiers spread the disease to other military camps across the country, then brought it overseas. In March 1918, 84,000 American soldiers headed across the Atlantic and were followed by 118,000 more the following month. Ironically, the virus disappeared once the First World War was concluded. The Americans didn't use similar tactics during the Second World War, because more troops had died by the Spanish Flu than the war. So they introduced nuclear bombs to defeat other countries during the Second World War. This time the Americans aren't going for nuclear bombings, because China has nuclear weapons and a nuclear war will be a disaster for both sides. 

South Asians got tricked by the West and following a useless system. The worse is yet to come for South Asia, especially for India. I will not surprise if India ends up fighting the west's proxy war against China. The Americans have the knowledge and power to trick Indians to believe that China created the virus, in order to create a war between India and China to keep the western dominant power. The average people, especially Asians do not know how far the Australian Government goes to hide its historic crimes to rule others.

I have lived in North America for five years and done enough researches to understand its true history. I was shocked when I had found out about genocides in North America. The British settlers had killed hundreds of millions. The Conservative Scholars had recorded around 100 million First People had been eliminated, Non-conservative scholars had recorded around 200 million people had been eliminated. However, Hitler killed six million Jews, but the Five Eyes countries constantly talk about Hitler's atrocities to hide their historic crimes to occupy the moral high ground to divide and conquer others in the name of democracy and human rights while occupying others' homelands for centuries.

The United States of America is not exempt from the norm. Every superpower has an expiry date. The superpower has turned against their talented people due to overwhelming power and arrogance. I see similar destructions in the US which caused the Roman Empire to fall. America's fall is imminent because it has overlooked talented people. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, many others have turned against the Five Eyes countries. Australia is the most racist country among the Five Eyes countries, but the US and UK have overlooked it. I have been facing racism in Australia since I landed in 1991.