We will slip into a catastrophic disaster because we are betraying ourselves. 

Recently, former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison 'Horrible person and a psycho' but later on, she could not recall those text messages. If the Australian politicians can deny sending those text messages, how easy for them to deny deleting my citizenship without a legal proceeding to traumatise me as an illegal immigrant? The Australian political elites think that they are wise because they had traumatised me without getting caught. They wear democratic masks to cover up their tyranny. I spent most of my time in libraries and do not have a criminal record, but I am going nowhere in Australia. Last month my aunt (my mother's sister) died in Brisbane, but nobody invited me to the funeral. I only found out two weeks ago. This is how I am isolated in Australia due to my writings. Even though I am well educated than all of my relatives in Australia and do not have a criminal record but people hate me as a most wanted terrorist. This is how the Five Eyes countries divide and conquer the majority world.

I have been to China twice but couldn't get a job. Westerners who have only high school qualification were allowed to teach the English Language, but I could not even get a job teaching English in China. I have a postgraduate qualification but China felt uncomfortable to keep in China because I constantly emphasised occupying the moral high ground. Since 2014, I have been writing to focus on moral high ground to win the world by exposing the Five Eyes countries' invasions from the 15th century to the 21st century. Enlightening the world, especially Asians about Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and also the current status of Aboriginal people in their own countries in North America and Australasia. I wrote a statement saying that 'the West made China as the world’s factory and it has the power to take that privilege away from China.' The global pandemic is taking away China's privilege to have the world's factory. However, the Chinese Communist Party didn't understand my prediction but felt uncomfortable with my writings. Furthermore, in South Asia where I was born, I couldn't sleep peacefully because of the western puppets. They were doing everything to please the West. I have faced numerous difficulties in South Asia(Sri Lanka) and reported to the police six times but the police did nothing.

China has not recognised an Asian who has been making a difference in human development in Australasia and North America. By doing so, China indirectly sends a message to the whole world that Asians are not interested in human development and they only care about having a family and making money. This explains the Chinese Communist Party's ideology. The West can not beat China because it has turned against its own intellectuals. China is not playing its cards well to convince the world about its global leadership. This will lead to an irreversible disaster. Today, we are suffering from flu, cold and cough. On top of that getting isolated and losing income due to COVID 19. If we continue to do nothing, tomorrow will be helpless, suffering from nuclear bombs, our flesh and bones will melt because we have failed ourselves. Sadly, the good people do nothing, but they have become spectators of corrupt and foolish leaders' dramas in the name of protection, security and prosperity. 

 Balance of power is the only solution; But, the Russian Empire had failed.

Russia is paying a price because the Russian Empire had failed to occupy the moral high ground to stop Great Britain's invasions. The former superpower had failed to chase out the British colonies when they invaded other countries, especially when convicts invaded Australia. The US used its moral high ground and chased out Iraqi troops from Kuwait to maintain its global leadership and also to control Kuwait’s oil resources.

Perhaps, the Russian leaders' failure to occupy the moral high ground to lead the world may have caused Russian Empire to collapse. The Russian Empire's failure created an opportunity for the Five Eyes countries to occupy the moral high ground to rule the world. The ability to systematically occupy the moral high ground and controlling others is the Five Eyes countries' greatest asset and it has been paying off very well for them.

The supremacists' extraordinary power will be relegated in the 21st century.

My next trip is to Russia. The day I land in Russia, the Australian political elites and their allies will hang their heads in shame. I cannot wait to be in Russia and ask the following question to the Russian people and their political elites.

How the people who don't even live in their own country became the superpower?

How the adverse policymakers became the superpower who destroy the world's environment and devalue humanity by deliberately encouraging uncontrollable populations in the developing countries to keep the poverty and lack of knowledge?

How the people who killed far more than Adolf Hitler became the greatest preachers of democracy and human rights to occupy the moral high ground to rule the world?