South Asia

 South Asia constantly failing since independence

Systematic division of billions of South Asians

The British gave independence to South Asia after making sure that divisions are in place. If India had a plan to unite South Asia to utilise the largest human resources as China does, the British would not have given independence to South Asians. Because that would have been the greatest threat to the Western powers in the 20th century. The divisions were systematically created in every part of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, but the obvious one was dividing India and creating Pakistan.

South Asia has an uncontrollable population but limited resources, this creates internal fights among the people to get a hold of limited resources, including bribing others. It also makes the dependency on the West for jobs and other financial assistance. This keeps the Western world's dominant power intact. In contrast, China controls the population and enhance its citizens' knowledge, skills, and ability, so the Chinese people can compete with the West. This is a worry to the western power monsters, but the western leaders love South Asia, because of its utter failures, and this enables the western powers to maintain their world dominant power. 

The West deliberately enforced a wrong system to keep billions of South Asians under the Western Power

South Asia has created billions of people but has not got the resources to make the people succeed. It has no political will to use the largest human resources as China does. It has no chance to compete with the West, Russia, or China. South Asia does not even have one university rank within 100 in the world. It has not got a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council, even though it has two billion people. It had won only one gold medal in the 2008 Olympic Games but did not get a gold medal in 2012 and 2016. It has not hosted an Olympic Games. The South Asian political leaders have no solution. They do not have a solution, because the western powers want no solution, in order to maintain the west's world dominance power.

The current South Asian political system is making the politicians go with the flow, in order to keep the votes. If the governing party talks about change, the opposition fear-mongering the people to enhance their vote bank and undermine positive changes. The politicians are unable to change anything significantly. South Asia cannot achieve sustainable development growth until South Asia stops believing the foreign political system which was introduced by the west to keep South Asia under the western powers. The western system will not work unless South Asia has developed its people’s knowledge as the west has done for the last 700 years. In conclusion, South Asians have been tricked by the western powers for centuries, sadly it will not change.

China’s policies created extraordinary savings and lifted human dignity. China’s one-child policy coupled with manufacturing sector policies led to extraordinary savings which have empowered China to reach out and invest in various infrastructure projects all around the world. Those policies lifted the standard of human life. China did not allow its people to increase the population in the name of human rights or religious beliefs. Humanity loses its value when a country faces an uncontrollable population with limited resources. The leaders degrade humanity when children end up sleeping under the bridges, or at train and bus stations.

The West has tricked the developing countries in the name of democracy, human rights, and religious freedom. It indirectly encourages developing countries to increase the uncontrollable population by promoting democracy, human rights, and religious freedom. Notably, China did not fall to the West's tricks, but it has been making wise moves. China has been handling its population extremely well, it has been providing adequate knowledge and skills to its citizens to dominate the manufacturing sector. China’s policy is the solution for the rest of Asia, especially for South Asia. Eventually, South Asians will accept this bitter truth.

The current system does not allow South Asians to think differently.

Divisions are inevitable when a country has an uncontrollable population with limited resources; people will fight among themselves for those limited resources, including bribing authorities to have access to limited resources. The people will become enemies to their own, this will be easier for the foreign powers to divide and conquer. I met many South Asians in Australia who are only focusing to make money to show off to their relatives, friends, or others due to poverty. They have no time to think about beating the West or developing the knowledge to beat the West or supporting people like me.

Average South Asians do not know how far the Australian Government goes to hide its historic crimes to rule others. The Australian Government deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street for making awareness of Australia's systematic genocides and the First People’s hardships. Not even one South Asian or media questioned the Australian Government. It shows the West has a strong grip on South Asians. Two billion South Asians would not believe my hardships as a writer in Australia nor value my knowledge. They would not even write a few sentences about me on Wikipedia. What a shame for 21st-century humanity. 

 I was born in Sri Lanka and I had an obligation to stop the civil war

Tamils had opportunities to solve their ethnic issue well before independence.

Tamils ' ethnic issues started well before independence. When the people of Sri Lanka decided to go along with India and start to fight for independence. The divisions were systematically created in Sri Lanka as it had done in the other parts of South Asia. The wise Sinhalese leaders understood what was going on and proposed a solution of Federalism in 1926, but Tamil didn't accept it. Please read 'Federalism in South Asia' by Mahendra Prasad Singh, Veena Kukreja, published in 2014. The Federal political solution debate is older than the post-colonial state itself. Federalism was discussed actively in Sri Lanka since 1926.

My father was the personal secretary of S J V Chelvanayakam. I know a lot about Tamil politics than most of you, including Prabhakaran. When Mr. Chelvanayakam was sick and couldn't function as the leader, my father requested him to appoint an experienced leader, but he refused. He simply said 'let the party appoint the new leader.' Meantime the RAW had already brainwashed most of the party members and made sure that RAW's puppet 'Appapillai Amirthalingam' will take over the leadership. The disaster started then and took thousands of lives. In contrast, Singapore's late Prime Minister LKY appointed the right leader and said if anything goes wrong he will come out from his grave.

Tamil leaders should read about the American Civil rights movement. Then only they would know about discrimination, non-violence, and freedom. African Americans were slaves and the white settlers chained them on arms and legs. African Americans only had voting rights in 1965. Did Tamils have separate schools, buses, beaches, theatres as African Americans? After the 'I have a dream' speech of MLK junior;  a reporter had asked the civil rights movement's leader 'was it a successful meeting because of the dream speech? 'The leader said' it was a successful meeting because nobody had died on that particular day; by the way, it was a great speech no doubt about it.'

The second opportunity came through the Indo-Lanka accord in 1987, but Tamils didn't take it. The accord was expected to resolve the Sri Lankan Civil War by enabling the thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka and the Provincial Councils Act of 1987. Under the terms of the agreement, the Sri Lankan Government had agreed to a devolution of power to the provinces, the troops were to be withdrawn to their barracks and the Tamil rebels were to surrender their arms. Tamils are not wise enough to have a country or devolution of power, otherwise, they would not ignore people like me but support Prabhakaran. 

The third opportunity came in 2002. Norway has been the facilitator of the peace process and led the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission (SLMM). Negotiators from the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE started the peace talks aimed at ending an almost 20-year civil war that has claimed the lives of more than 64,000 people. The government indicated it would make concessions over a Tamil homeland. The LTTE has been banned in many countries as terrorists and this was an opportunity to refashion their image into one of a political organisation. The Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, lifted a blockade on medical supplies and opening a strategic road that cutting through the LTTE's heartland from Colombo to Jaffna - in effect reuniting the country after almost 20 years.

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, bluntly blamed the LTTE for the breakdown of the ceasefire, telling the Sunday Observer on December 30 that the truce existed only on paper and was “a joke”. By the time Mahinda Rajapaksa became President, the defence secretary said, “the CFA was violated 3,000 times and everybody knows that what the LTTE did and they never resorted to peace. What they did was they took advantage of strengthening their military and fire-power during the ceasefire period.” I had written letters to the Tamil diaspora and LTTE leaders to take the peace talks seriously, but they did not even bother to reply. The LTTE and diaspora leaders had utterly failed to capitalise on the golden opportunity.

The Sri Lankan leaders made the wrong move by getting independence from the British

In the 1940s Sri Lanka was the second developed country in Asia after Japan. But for some foolish reasons Sri Lanka wanted independence badly from the British to go behind Indians, even though India was a poor country and India's literacy rate was well below Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka leaders should have stayed with Britain until people have developed reasonable knowledge and skills. The British have used Sri Lanka but the Sri Lankan leaders didn't use the British to develop people's knowledge and skills. Hong Kong leaders did well by sticking with Britain until China becomes reasonably wealthy and powerful. The current political leaders do not have the ability to take Sri Lanka to the former glory, because they have weak policies. They still believe in a system that has placed South Asia backward. 

New Delhi destroyed Sri Lanka deliberately by turning Tamil youths into terrorists. When Sri Lanka had independence, it was the second developed country in Asia. Right now where is Sri Lanka in Asia in terms of development? After the independence, Sri Lanka was going nowhere under the leadership of India, so the Sri Lankan leaders leaned towards the West as Singapore. However, India felt threatened and systematically used Tamils in the name of freedom and conquered Sri Lanka through the civil war. Currently,  the West is India's ally. Indians have one rule for themselves and a different set of rules for their neighbours.

The West tried tirelessly to have a foothold in the Indian Ocean with the help of LTTE

Please also read the American CIA's report about the Indo - Lanka accord and how diligently the West hijacked the LTTE from India through the Tamil diaspora to have a foothold in the Indian Ocean. I wasn't even invited to one meeting by the local and diaspora Tamil leaders. For me, it was clear what was coming to Tamils. The report will give you an idea of how much the West was involving to make sure that Indo-Lanka should not work. The West wanted a representative in the Indian Ocean to control China and India as it controls the Middle East through Israel. However, I had spoiled the West's strategy by bringing the dragon into the Indian Ocean.

In 2008, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and traumatised me as an illegal immigrant when I made awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s hardships. I did not get any help from Tamils. Few Australians stood with me and made the Australian Government to reinstate my citizenship after the intense battle, including reaching out to the international community. Tamils may have achieved something after the decades-long brutal civil war if they had a little knowledge to understand, respect, and value for Tamils like me. Because of the Tamils' ignorance, they have ended up with empty hands. Since Tamils had utterly ignored me, I came to the conclusion that Tamils had completely lost their plot and the foreign powers are using Tamils to fight the proxy war to impose the foreign agendas.

I quickly enlightened the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on how important to remove the LTTE to expand China's soft power in Sri Lanka. I have also explained how vital Sri Lanka is to secure China's trades and oil supply. I also wrote the Sri Lankan High Commission in Australia in detail that if Sri Lanka reaches out to China to conclude the brutal civil war, the West and India would be at your feet to comply with your requirements to eliminate the ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka. Subsequently, the LTTE had disappeared within 12 months since the Tamils had ignored my hardships as a writer without a nationality in Australia. Tamils hate their own intellectuals and their political maneuvers are based on the foreign powers' agendas. No other race in Asia has ever ignored or eliminated their own intellectuals as Tamils. It is the most foolish race in Asia. Not only they suffer but also making Sinhalese suffer as well.


Tamils still don't have the essence of real politics. When it comes to political awareness Tamils are the least in Asia. Just listen to the Tamil mainstream media or Tamil politicians, still, they talk about Prabhakaran or Karuna. Tamils' fundamental political structure has been systematically destroyed by foreign powers, but nobody has the knowledge or willpower to address it. When it comes to real politics, Tamils are like sheep without a shepherd. The foreign powers will continue to keep the Tamils in dark to achieve their ulterior motives. Tamils are continuing on the same path, even though they had failed utterly. Therefore, I would not support any political solution for Tamils until Tamils respect and value their own intellectuals. Currently, Tamils are under the firm grip of the foreign powers, if the government gives any solution to Tamils it is just giving to Tamils' foreign masters. In that case, all the sacrifices of the defence forces will become meaningless.

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