The AUSTRALIANBushfire Disasters.

According to the Age Newspaper, in January 2019 the Federal government had rejected major air-tanker expansion to combat the bushfires. But in March 2019 the Guardian Australia had revealed the federal government increased security agencies’ budget by $570 million dollars in extra funding. Clearly, the government has not responded wisely to combat the bush-fire disasters. It has preoccupied with the security agencies' agenda. The government was pushed to believe that rising China is far more dangerous than bushfires. Without a doubt, the security agencies deliberately misled the leaders to safeguard their interests. Obviously, security agencies would demonise anyone and everyone to safeguard their jobs, perks, and benefits.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is not a wise leader to prioritise what is important for Australians and the country. The Morrison Government has utterly failed to safeguard the Australian people, their properties, and wildlife. The Australian bush-fires have killed an estimated 1.25 billion animals and burnt more than a billion trees. They will cause permanent damage to the country's environment and wildlife presence, according to experts. The fires have burnt 31 million acres across six states and are estimated to lead to the deaths of more than one billion native animals, whether directly or indirectly - Stuart Blanch at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia.