A Letter to Prime minister

The Right Honourable Scott Morrison,
Prime Minister,
House of Representatives,
Parliament House,
PO Box 6022,
Canberra, ACT 2600.

Date: 01/11/2021.

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Judge me not by the colour of my skin, but by the extent of my knowledge.

The successive governments have been trying to insult my knowledge but become an embarrassment for human evolution, an insult for western civilisation and a shame for democracy. I have an Australian business degree and a postgraduate qualification in Human Resources Management. On top of that, I have lived on four continents and have read more than 300 books to expand my knowledge in world history, human development, the global economy, and international affairs. I have attached letters and an article that I have forwarded to Queensland media and foreign diplomats. I hope that these writings will help you to re-assess my knowledge and abilities. The sooner you acknowledge my talents the better for everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter.

A Letter to the Australian Prime Minister

The Right Honourable Scott Morrison
Prime Minister
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Date: 5th of July 2019

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Australia allows its Parliament to validly enact laws that are racially discriminatory.

The concept of diversity, a truly remarkable gift from the United States to Australia. During the 1970s and 1980s, the concept of diversity agenda has been described as the one that ‘has come to Australia from the United States as a Human Resource Management workplace strategy’. However, the remarkable gift has not been utilised by the Australian political leaders. In the 21st century, among Western countries, only Australia allows its Parliament to validly enact laws that are racially discriminatory. Section 25 of the Constitution gives provision for exclusion of voters based on race. Section 51(xxvi) enables the Australian Parliament to regulate the affairs of the people of coloured or inferior races. Notably, in 1962, the Menzies government amended the Federal Electoral Act to give Indigenous people the right to vote in Federal elections. The Federal Electoral Act could be revoked or invalidated at anytime because it is not consistent with sections 25 and 51 of the Constitution. It was a temporary patch-up solution and it was not a permanent Act until the people of Australia removed sections 25 and 51 from the Constitution through a referendum.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were expressly discriminated against in the drafting of the racist Constitution, visibly with the provisions that prevented them from being counted as among the numbers of the new nation. Consequently, since then, successive governments ignored them and had not made any provision to protect their inherent rights as the First People of this country. Throughout the history of exclusion, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have consistently fought to have their rights acknowledged by the people of Australia. As a major step, the 1967 referendum paved the way for a critical change that allowed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be counted in the census. The people who lived in Australia for more than 40,000 years through calamitous environments and protected their lands have been denied their place in their motherland. This country has failed its fundamental test when it comes to social goals and human development. Truly, the land of the ‘fair go’ does not exist in Australia, if you belong to a coloured race.

In 1982, Patricia Cobern, who had denied the occurrence of genocide and wrote a letter to one of Australia’s leading news magazines, The Bulletin, which published her letter. ‘The letter claimed that the settlers had been ‘peaceful, moral people, while the Tasmanian Aboriginals were, treacherous, murderous, warmongering, filthy, covetous, parasite-infested and disturbed.’ She also claimed that it was pure coincidence that Aboriginal people began to die when the Europeans started to settle in Australia (Combat Genocide Association 2019). Almost two centuries have passed, but Australia is still in denial. Historian Lyndall Ryan says the true story of the massacres was lost, but myths and lies were left in its place (MacDonald 2019). However, in contrast to Australians’ view about eliminating Aboriginal people through systematically orchestrated genocides, the Germans have acknowledged the killing of Jews and the Nazis’ genocides. In 1953, the German government made payments to the Jewish people as a way of acknowledging Germany’s responsibility. Not only Germans; recently, the Swiss government and banking institutions have acknowledged their complicity with the Nazis and established funds to aid Holocaust survivors.

Notably, white Australians did not even rescue one Aboriginal Tasmanian, but Germans had rescued Jews from the Nazis’ genocides. Recently, Israel's Holocaust memorial council declared Major Karl Plagge righteous among the nations, alongside men such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler, for an elaborate deception that saved about 250 Jewish lives. In 1931, Plagge, an engineer, joined the Nazi party to develop the wealth of Germany, but he became disillusioned due to their racial ideology. ‘He felt he had helped create this monster and that it was his duty to try to help these imperilled Jews.’ About 90 per cent of the 57,000 Jews who lived in Vilnius were murdered, but 10 per cent were saved by Plagge. In 1958, just before his death, he told a friend. ‘I never felt that this needed special courage. It required only the conviction and strength that anyone can draw from the depth of moral feelings that exist in all humans.’

‘Australia prides itself on its fairness and multiculturalism. But wander through Sydney’s corporate towers or Canberra’s halls of Parliament, and you will notice that Australia’s power structure is overwhelmingly white, nowhere near as diverse as the country at large.' About 95 per cent of senior leaders in Australia have an Anglo-Celtic or European background; notably, the federal and state government department heads are 99 per cent of Anglo-Celtic or European background. Even though the children of immigrants outperform their white Australian students, Australia’s racial and ethnic reality still remains the same. The Australian Government looks almost the same as it was in the 1960s during the White Australia policy, which restricted non-white immigration. Parliamentarian Dr Anne Aly stresses that ‘Australia’s political leaders needed to become more comfortable with being challenged about their biases and cultural blind spots, and with the fact that Australia is more a part of Asia than Europe. She added that ‘political parties and the Australian news media needed to be more inclusive of non-European voices, and not just on issues like immigration or crime’. Similarly, Aboriginal leaders have been requesting the government to include their representatives in Parliament, but the government continues to ignore their request.

Furthermore, Julian Assange has exposed the Western countries to the world more than any other westerner and I have exposed the Western countries more than any other Asian who lived in western countries. We both are Australians. Clearly, the Australian government has failed to hear our concerns. There is no obvious evidence that the Australian government has searched for trade-offs, in order to solve the disputes with its citizens. Subsequently, the wealth of knowledge has been shared through the internet and other forms of communication. The beneficiaries are all around the world, especially in China and Russia. I have written many letters to the appropriate ministers about Australia’s discrimination policies, but I did not get a reply, not even an acknowledgement of receipt of my letters. Since the Australian government deleted my Australian citizenship, I have made enormous efforts to reconcile, but the government decided to ignore my letters and focused on its disinformation to undermine my credibility. This has adversely affected Australia’s democracy and human rights campaigns but gave the upper hand to China and Russia.

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter.

Address: P O Box 2076
Moorabbin, Victoria 3189
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