A reply from the Prime Minister's office

The Prime Minister's office has responded to my letter regarding the discriminatory white Australia policy Constitution. However, instead of addressing my concerns directly, my letter has been redirected to the National Indigenous Australians Agency. What we truly need is a referendum to change the discriminatory white Australia policy Constitution to acknowledge vibrant multicultural Australia. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a lack of genuine interest in resolving the issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The political leaders seem to propose ideas that primarily benefit certain government organisations enabling them to manipulate and exploit Indigenous people’s resources.

We also need a thorough examination of the allocation of funding for the welfare of Indigenous communities. While countries like China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. are progressing. However, Indigenous communities in Australia have remained stagnant for centuries. Despite receiving significant amounts of financial support, they are not experiencing the same advancements witnessed in Asian countries with fewer resources. It is evident that the allocated funds are not reaching the right people. This raises serious concerns about how funds are managed by the government. It seems these funds appear to be utilised to sustain government-funded organisations to keep Indigenous people in ignorance to exploit their resources.

A Letter to Prime minister Anthony Albanese

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra, ACT 2600
Date: 05/10/2023
Dear Hon Prime Minister,

Re: You think that you are underrating an Asian, but you are underrating a knowledgeable person which will create serious setbacks.

A brief historical context of the white Australia policy Constitution.

In the 21st century, among Western countries, only Australia allows its Parliament to validly enact laws that are racially discriminatory. Section 25 of the Constitution gives provision for the exclusion of voters based on race. Notably in 1962, the Menzies government amended the federal electoral act to give coloured people the right to vote in federal elections. It was a temporary patch-up solution. It is not a permanent solution until we remove section 25 of the Constitution through a referendum. The Federal Electoral Act can be revoked or invalidated at any time because it is not consistent with section 25 of the Constitution. If we elect a leader like Hitler, he can cite the constitution and say section 25 excludes coloured people from voting in Australia. Section 51 subsection (XVI) enables the Australian Parliament to regulate the affairs of the people of coloured or inferior races. Please note the wording coloured or inferior races, if you are coloured, it means you are an inferior person according to the white Australia policy Constitution. The 1967 referendum paved the way for critical change that allowed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be counted in the census but it did not go far enough to remove sections 25 and 51 of the Constitution. This is why we need a referendum to remove these discriminatory clauses.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is not being honest with Australians.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wants to have a voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. But my question is what that voice is going to do? The parliament has a mandate to regulate laws to control Aboriginal people. At the same time giving a voice will not help them. It is like locking up a prisoner in a prison and then creating a window for the prison so the prisoner can shout. By shouting what that prisoner is going to achieve? I believe that you have control over Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by these constitutional arrangements which were created under white Australia policy. So, this has to be addressed first. First thing first, if all races are the same, if we all are equal, why do you have such a clause to control Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that the Australian Constitution is not up to the standards of other Western countries. Why is the Prime Minister not telling the truth to the people? Does he want to play safe by having control over the Aboriginal people through the constitution and at the same time giving voice to pretend that he is doing something good? Politicians can control Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people forever unless we remove discriminatory sections of the constitution.

The opposition party is using the opportunity to defeat the referendum to win the next election.

Sadly, the opposition is drumming up and saying that the voice is going to divide the nation. But there is nothing in it for the Aboriginal people because you have the clause in the Constitution to control them. Even if they achieve something good; you can create a law to put them wherever you want them to be. So, it is not happening. It's an embarrassment for all Australians, internationally. Look at the rest of the Western countries even Germany doesn't have a constitution to control particular races. I urge everyone to take it seriously, especially media personnel and politicians. How embarrassing it is for yourself and for the country you live in. I urge you to come out clean. Please, this is the 21st century. You know it’s time to do something remarkable and memorable. I know you are playing safe because of fear. You think that if you let them go, they will do everything to come up, especially focusing on education. Because education leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to power. It seems you don't want them to have education, knowledge and power. You do not want Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people to have a future Gandhi or future Nelson Mandela. So, you are fearful and you want to play safe. I don't think you have to be fearful. Consider what Canada and New Zealand have been doing to their First Nations. They are not perfect but they are well ahead, at least you should follow them.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not need a voice but a fair go.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not want an extra voice because they have parliament members to speak on behalf of them. They need a fair go by removing the discriminatory clauses from the Constitution. So, they can improve their education to have knowledgeable leaders to manage their affairs. Australia cannot continue to do as little as possible for them in the 21st century. For the last 50 years, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam leaders have done a lot for their people. Sadly, Australia has done as little as possible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for centuries. Is it clear that Australia does everything based on race? While countries like the United States and Britain have embraced diversity by electing minority candidates to prominent positions such as President, Vice President and Prime Minister. But Australia hasn't evolved to embrace diversity. Furthermore, Australia is in Australasia and close to Asia but Asian descendants cannot become prominent leaders in Australia. I'm a victim of Australia’s racial discrimination. Personally, as someone with an Australian business degree and a postgraduate qualification in human resources management, I have experienced the effects of Australia's discrimination firsthand due to my writing.

Australia isolates talented individuals of minority races, instead of embracing them to lift the country.

I always desired to know. I read a lot and I talk about it, but Australian political elites and media personnel feel uncomfortable with it. They don't want a brown Asian to talk about the truth. They wish they could eliminate me and I'm gone. I am well aware of how Australia is treating me. I have been living here for decades. I have a personal experience with the brutal forces. This is my own experience and more valuable than a textbook. Compared with average Australian politicians, I'm well educated but I can't get a decent job. Because they have control over me. They know how to go around and spread disinformation to isolate me. The last time I celebrated my birthday, Christmas and New Year with others was in 2008. Unfortunately, the Australian political elites isolate talented individuals of minority races, instead of embracing them to lift the country. This discriminatory attitude is a source of shame for Australians on an international scale. Their prejudiced mindsets not only undermine their credibility but also have negative repercussions for their allies, especially for their Western counterparts. Impossible to be a champion of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law while you're treating people like this. It's an embarrassment for Western counterparts what Australia is doing. It is time to fix the discriminatory white Australia policy constitution to reflect multicultural Australia.
Your failure will have a negative impact on you and your allies, especially on the Americans and British.

Conclusion:  The Australian political elites know how to control others. They have freely let me talk, but at the same time, they go around and spread disinformation that lets me go nowhere. Similarly, they control Aboriginal people through the Constitution. They say that they want to give voice but they would play the same old tactic which is controlling through the constitution. However, this is not going to be fruitful in the long term for anyone because if the Australian political elites continue to play safe and dirty games then it will reflect on them and their allies. I will constantly expose it and this is not going to help them to preach democracy, human rights and the rule of law to the world. If Australia fails this great opportunity to change the Constitution through the referendum, I have something to talk about in Moscow in the coming days and I will talk about it. I'm not going to let you discriminate against other races through your constitution and continually preach about democracy, human rights and the rule of law to the Russians and Chinese. It will have a huge impact on you and your allies. Your failure will have a negative impact on your Western counterparts, especially on Americans and British. I am going to talk about the Western countries’ double standards in Moscow. Therefore, I urge you to remove those discriminatory clauses and treat everyone equally.

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter.
Mobile: 0406878300
Address: P O Box 606, Carina, Queensland 4152.

A Letter to Former Prime minister kevin rudd

Mr Kevin Rudd,
Embassy of Australia,
1601 Massachusetts Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20036, United States.
Telephone: +1 202 797 3478
Date: 21/08/2023

Dear Mr. Rudd,

Re:  I consider myself to be an informed individual, the knowledge I possess will continue to haunt you.

I choose not to address you as 'Your Excellency' for reasons that both you and I are aware of. I recently wrote a letter to the Russian Ambassador, which I would like to dedicate to you and Chris Evans, who served as Minister for Immigration and Citizenship in 2008 when my Australian citizenship was unjustly revoked without any legal process. This was done as a result of my written expression, falsely branding me as an illegal immigrant.

During your administration, the Australian immigration and citizenship department subjected me to a frustrating and confusing experience as I attempted to establish my status, particularly between the immigration and passport offices. Despite my requests, the staff consistently refused to provide written confirmation of my status, impeding my ability to seek legal advice. Instead, they threatened me over the phone, claiming that I was an illegal immigrant and that they intended to detain me and deport me to Sri Lanka.

In response, I promptly took action regardless of whether you purposely intended to keep me in limbo without a status or if you were constructing a narrative to justify deporting me to Sri Lanka. It became apparent that you had successfully convinced my relatives and friends in Australia that I was an illegal immigrant. Being well aware of the unfortunate history of political assassinations in Sri Lanka, I knew that being deported could jeopardize my life. 

In order to protect myself, I decided to inform the United Nations and other countries' diplomats about my situation. Through their involvement, international pressure began mounting against your government. It became clear that you recognised my significance and that your actions were not only fruitless but brought international embarrassment to Australia. As a result, you ultimately restored my citizenship and re-issued a new naturalization certificate, albeit without an apology.

It is important to note that the Australian immigration and citizenship department keeps detailed records of every individual's entry. Surely, there exists a record containing information regarding both my initial and subsequent naturalisation certificates. All we need is to question the government regarding the circumstances surrounding the issuance of two certificates in order to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, corruption is not limited to politicians alone; even the Australian legal system and media may be tainted.

Although you may perceive me as a naive South Asian, I consider myself to be an informed individual. The knowledge I possess will continue to haunt you. You saw fit to strip me of my citizenship without following proper legal procedures, despite my possession of a business degree from RMIT University. Ever since losing my Australian citizenship, I have devoted 4-6 hours each day to reading to further expand my knowledge, and also completed postgraduate studies, with the intention of seeking justice against you.

The Australian political elites, intelligence network members and media personnel are burying their head in sand and think that they are doing well by utilising taxpayer-funded intelligence resources to isolate and marginalise me. First, you took away my citizenship, then my professional employment, followed by my home. And now, you resort to spreading lies to ensure that I am unable to secure decent employment or housing. Your hope is to witness my demise, without family or any form of recognition.

I pose a question to all politicians, media personnel, and members of intelligence units: if the Australian government were to isolate you from having a decent job, family, or friends, would you still be willing to serve the Australian public? I highly doubt you would last more than a week. Yet, individuals such as Julian Assange and myself persist, driven by unwavering conviction and purpose. We are willing to endure what you cannot comprehend.

You have failed utterly in bringing individuals like Julian Assange and me into the Australian political arena, where our knowledge and capabilities could have strengthened your cause. This failure is monumental, bordering on matters of life and death. Your ignorance and foolishness will eventually come back to haunt you in ways that surpass your wildest imagination. Your disdain for your own citizens will result in irreversible setbacks, not only for you but also for your allies.

Please stay tuned for my upcoming letter to the Chinese Ambassador. The Western powers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their interactions with South Asians, particularly with Indians. Their intention is to exploit Indians in order to weaken China, as they do not want to see another significant Asian power that could challenge their global dominance. With utmost confidence in Indians, the Western powers maneuver their strategies. I have personally witnessed the manipulation and deceit used to influence the minds of South Asians, especially after losing my own citizenship. Therefore, it is my duty to shed light on these dark creatures who will stop at nothing to sabotage their own people, their region, and the greater continent of Asia.

Yours sincerely, 

Antany Peter. 

On April 12th, I composed a letter addressed to the Russian Ambassador. Shortly thereafter, I published the letter on my website. On April 15th, I embarked on a journey to Malaysia and then continued to Sri Lanka on April 20th. My return to Australia occurred on May 1st, 2023. However, on May 6th, an unfortunate incident took place where someone ran a red light and collided with my car. Fortunately, I managed to narrowly escape the accident. Given the circumstances, I cannot help but wonder if this was more than just a mere coincidence.

A Letter to RUSSIAN Ambassador

H.E. Dr Alexey Pavlovsky
Embassy of Russian Federation
78 Canberra Avenue, Griffith, ACT 2603
Telephone: +61(2) 6295 9033

Date: 12th of April 2023.

Your Excellency,

Re: The Western powers successfully divided the former Soviet Union countries as they divided the rest of the world, especially India, and created Pakistan to rule South Asia.

After the Second World War, the Western powers devised a covert plan to undermine both the Soviet Union and later Russia. Unfortunately, the Russian authorities were unaware of these intentions and placed their trust in the Western powers. Now, Russia is facing significant consequences as the Western powers have systematically fostered divisions among former Soviet Union countries. Ukraine has become a focal point of this strategy to appease the Western powers. In the pursuit of creating allies using the moral high ground, Russia has failed to expose the atrocities committed by Britain. But the Western powers have used it to vilify Russia and foster animosity towards the nation. As a result, Russia finds itself in a challenging position.

In the 18th century, Australia becomes a British colony, the British began to settle European convicts in Australia. European criminals kidnapped Aboriginal children for servants, women for concubines, and men were mutilated or killed to conquer Australia. But the Russian Empire did nothing, instead of exposing Britain’s atrocities to isolate Britain, the Russian Empire sold Alaska to the United States to stop the Americans from leaning on the British and becoming allies. The Americans tricked the Russians and bought Alaska, selling Alaska to America was a political blunder of the Russian Empire.

In 1828, Governor Arthur sponsored ‘patrol teams’ made up of prisoners led by policemen. The patrol team chased and killed Aboriginal people, this hunt was known as ‘catching blacks’. It became a job or business venture for the patrol teams; to encourage the killing a price was set for Aboriginal heads; five British pounds for an adult, and two pounds for a child. The patrol teams killed Aboriginal people and dumped their bodies off a cliff, known today as Victory Hill. (Combat Genocide Association 2019).

After a visit to Australia, Charles Darwin, the British biologist, and geologist said, ‘Death pursues the native in every place where the European sets foot’ (Combat Genocide Association 2019). In the 1830s, Solicitor-General Alfred Stephen, later Chief Justice of New South Wales, made a public statement in relation to dealing with ‘the Aboriginal problem.' If the colony could only protect its convict servants from Aboriginal attack by extermination, ‘then I say boldly and broadly, exterminate’.

Australia solved its native problem in Tasmania by reaching a final solution. It had succeeded in getting rid of all its Aboriginal people in Tasmania. A few children born to white male seal hunters and Tasmanian Aboriginal women remained alive (Harman 2018). ‘They were an inferior race, a meek and primitive people doomed to die out, and the coming of the English, with their diseases and guns, had merely hastened the inevitable.’ (Flanagan 2002).

The Russian Empire, as a former superpower, missed an opportunity to build alliances, particularly with Germany, by shedding light on Britain's genocidal actions in North America and Australasia. There was a chance for Russia to take a leadership role in the world by preventing the invasion of Australia and the ensuing genocide. Unfortunately, the Russian Empire failed to seize this opportunity and turned a blind eye to Britain's atrocities, allowing the British to conquer continents and exploit vast resources. As a consequence of their ancestors' shortsightedness and ignorance, present-day Russians are now facing the consequences of this costly mistake.

In 1939, surprisingly the Soviet Union and Germany signed the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact, in which the two countries agreed to take no military action against each other for the next 10 years. This was a remarkable achievement by the Soviet Union. The Russian leaders should have raised their eyebrows when Adolf Hitler decided to invade Russia, especially after signing the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact. According to the historical writers Adolf Hitler wanted to invade Great Britain, but that didn’t take place, I believe that somehow the English-speaking countries redirected Adolf Hitler against Russia. Later on, the Americans and British used Russia to defeat Germany.

Perhaps, the Russian Empire’s failure to occupy the moral high ground to undermine the British Empire and the Americans may have helped the external powers to create internal rifts within the Russian Empire to collapse. Later on, the Soviet Union also made the same mistake; its failure to occupy the moral high ground created a power vacuum, an opportunity for the Five Eyes countries to use the moral high ground to rule the world. Eventually, the Americans and their allies defeated Germany; later on, destroyed the Soviet Union and currently encircled Russia.

Eighty-three years have gone since the Second World War. However, still Russia fails to undermine the US and its allies. In the 20th century, the US used the moral high ground and chased out Iraqi troops from Kuwait to control Kuwait’s oil. The British colonies invaded continents and committed genocide but the Russians did nothing. The Five Eye countries' ability to cover up their atrocities systematically to occupy the moral high ground to divide and conquer the world’s majority is their greatest asset. They constantly create opportunities to divide and conquer others.

Russia is the largest country in the world with enormous resources, but it has been struggling because it didn't understand the value of the divide and conquer strategy. Not only the Kremlin; Beijing, and New Delhi also lack strategies to divide and conquer the Western powers. The Russians, Chinese, and Indians live in their own country, but the British Empire colonised others’ homelands on genocide all around the world. Britain robbed the world, invaded continents on genocide and proclaimed that the Sun does not set on the British Empire.

The Americans, Australians, Canadians, and New Zealanders are occupying others' homelands. The Western powers divided India and created Pakistan to rule South Asia. They also continue to use Ukraine and Taiwan to weaken Russia and China. But the world's majority cannot use a country to weaken the Western powers. This is the greatest weakness of the world's majority. At least one country has to come up with a strategy and make moves to divide and conquer the Western powers.

The Western powers are isolating and encircling Russia. If Russia falls, China is done too. India is very easy to divide and conquer because of its language, religion, and caste divisions. World citizens should not allow a dangerous monster to rise as the only world-dominant power to rule the world. If we allow Russia to fall, we are betraying ourselves and humanity as a whole. Thus, I have been urging the world’s majority to support Russia, because we need a country to keep the balance of world power.

Australia and its allies are furious since China signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands. However, Beijing indicated it is not directed at any third party amid Pacific influence fears. The distance from Australia to the Solomon Islands is 3,282 kilometres. However, Ukraine is next to Russia; according to the Western powers Ukraine becoming a NATO member is not a security threat to Russia. Canada's new bill proposes seizing sanctioned Russian assets, but Great Britain and its colonies robbed the world and committed genocide to have massive resources. Notably, Canadians do not even live in their own country.

We can see the double standards of the Western powers. The only way to stop them from dividing and conquering the world's majority is by making them exposed. Thus, I urge the Kremlin to find ways to enlighten its neighbouring countries. How many people in Ukraine know about the British Empire's invasion based on genocides? How many of them know about Iraq's and Libya's status after the Western invasions? How many of them know about the current status of Aboriginal people in North America and Australasia in their own countries which they had protected for thousands of years?

How many of them know about Julian Assange's imprisonment and Edward Snowden's political asylum in Russia? How many of them know about my hardships in Western countries as a writer? I spent most of my time in libraries, but I am isolated not only in Australia but in the world. This is why I cannot stress enough how important it is for the world’s majority to enlighten others about the Five Eyes countries’ atrocities. I urge you to enlighten young Native Americans, Canadians, and Australian Aboriginals, I urge the Russian officials to provide scholarships to enhance their knowledge to question their third-world standard life in their own country.

President Volodymyr Zelensky is politically naive as the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora leaders. I know how diligently the CIA pushed Tamil diaspora leaders against the Indo-Lanka accord in 1987 and Norway initiated peace agreements in 2003, to achieve America's ulterior motive in the Indian Ocean. I was isolated in Australia and Canada; I couldn't help the Tamil leaders. The Ukraine President said that the Americans are leaders of the world and peacemakers. Doesn't he know about the genocides in millions? Doesn't he know about the slave trade? Doesn't he know about what America did in Iraq and Libya?

President Zelensky talks about America’s great history, but he doesn't know that millions of Native Americans were systematically eliminated to take over North America. Conservative white scholars had recorded around 100 million Native People were eliminated, but non-conservative white scholars had recorded around 200 million people were eliminated. If you take conservative scholars' numbers, it is still 15 times more than Adolf Hitler’s killings. The Five Eyes countries are extremely clever in hiding their crimes to rule the world.

The British Empire's genocides in Australasia.

Evidence indicates that the British orchestrated genocidal policies and practices surreptitiously on Aboriginal people and their culture. According to Professor Tom Lawson, the British effectively supported the ethnic cleansing of Aboriginal Tasmanians during the period of martial law between 1828 and 1832. Professor Lawson made a compelling case for the Tasmanian genocide. He further states that the colonists’ terms were ‘extermination and extirpation’ when they discussed the colonial invasion of the homelands of the island’s Aboriginal inhabitants (Lawson 2014). Nick Brodie argues that the genocide was highly orchestrated, but deliberately downplayed, to eliminate Aboriginal people. Brodie used over 1,000 pages of Colonel George Arthur’s handwritten documents, informing exactly how he executed the genocide in Tasmania (Brodie 2017).

The British Empire's genocides in North America.

Professor Taiaiake Alfred is a Kahnawake Mohawk educator and writer and founding director of the University of Victoria's indigenous governance programs in Canada. He argues celebrating 'America's 400th Birthday' ignores the genocide of the continent's native people. It's hard for a native person to be anything but shocked and saddened to the core by the effrontery of it all. Jamestown 2007 is, in essence, a surreptitious celebration of the conquest of our homeland and the destruction of our people in the service of imperialism and the expansion of the white race. It marks the era that saw indigenous peoples ravaged by diseases introduced by European settlers, on average, our communities lost 75 percent of their populations, and the dispossession of our homelands by fraud and deceit - not a single treaty entered into by the English Crown or the US has been honoured by the white settlers.’ (Taiakake 2007).

Why do I believe Russia’s, China’s, and India’s collaboration will not work?

The Russians must understand a simple fact. Asians are in billions but minority Westerners are ruling them because Asians are not wise. Only naive leaders would think that President Putin's leadership is senseless. Is it OK for Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Kiwis who don’t live in their own country to tell everyone what to do? Britain ripped off the world and colonised continents while committing genocide. Is it OK for those countries to isolate Russia? This may be seen as a senseless war because the world's majority put up with the Western powers' bullshit, especially billions of Asians.

‘US media all praises for Prime Minister Modi over ‘not era of war’ remark to President Putin.’ Indians didn't say the same when the US invaded Iraq or Libya. Because Indians are puppets of the Western powers. This mindset is in their blood. Unfortunately, Indians will never change. India was ruled and ripped off for centuries by the Western powers. Centuries of systematic propaganda are paying off for the Western powers. If India deals with its corruption, India will become a prison state because most Indians are involved in corruption.

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have gone backward since independence. The Indian leaders allowed Britain to divide India to create Pakistan. The same mindset created terrorism in Sri Lanka and destroyed it. Indians turned a blind eye when the CIA created Islamic extremism in Pakistan to defeat Russia in Afghanistan. I blame India’s incompetency for South Asian countries' failure. South Asia has more population than China but Indian leaders have failed to capitalize on South Asia's human resources and allowed religious extremism to destroy the region.

The United States has allowed Kamala Harris to become a Vice President and the UK has allowed Rishi Sunak to become a Prime Minister and Google has appointed Sundar Pichai as the CEO. In India, a Sri Lankan, Nepali, Bangladeshi, or Pakistani descent can't become a minister. If any other subcontinent descent cannot become a minister in India, it makes it impossible to become a Prime Minister for India. Notably, Sundar Pichai was born into a poor family in India, his parents couldn't afford to buy a computer for him. At the same time, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister had 3000 pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, talented South Asians have been forced to use their skills to build Western countries stronger.

I was born in Sri Lanka, and I am well aware of the discriminatory actions of Sri Lankan politicians. The Sri Lankanpoliticians would not allow minority Tamils or Muslims to become Prime Minister or President. India used Sri Lanka’s internal rifts and created Tamil armed groups. Sri Lanka fought Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades. During the war, they assassinated far more talented leaders and intellectuals than any other country in Asia. But still, Tamil and Sinhalese leaders do not accept politically well-informed Sri Lankans to develop the country.

The Russians gave political asylum to Edward Snowden. Recently, President Putin allowed Edward Snowden to get Russian Citizenship, big thanks to President Putin. But Indians or Chinese would not think along the line of having the moral high ground. The Chinese and Indian leaders can only dream of doing such a noble thing. This is why I say Asians cannot lead the world. Julian Assange trusted Western democracy; currently, he has been locked up in a maximum-security prison in the UK. I am constantly isolated from having a professional job or getting an apartment to live in, but the world does not know my hardships to understand Western powers’ double standards because China and India have failed to help me.

The Chinese Communist Party knows how to squeeze its people to make money. But lacking strategies for occupying the moral high ground or dividing and conquering others. The Chinese Communist Party has been focusing only on the Belt and Road initiative and losing its investments all around the world. It didn't expect the Western powers to counterattack its investments by creating a pandemic. It didn't take one step at a time but was eager to conquer the world very quickly. China has not created a developed country to prove to the people that it can develop the world. The Western powers have helped Singapore and South Korea become developed countries. But the Chinese Communist Party failed to create a developed country, especially in its neighbourhood.

When I was made aware of Australian Aboriginal people’s and refugees' hardships, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship without a legal proceeding and traumatised me as an illegal immigrant. I lost my job, subsequently my house as well. But not even one Asian media reported it. If Russia, China, or India removes the citizenships of its writer or journalist; the Western media would be highlighting it 24 hours 7 days a week. Because the Western powers understand the value of moral high ground to rule others, but Asians have no clue when it comes to moral high ground.

After the Western powers created the Arab Spring, I wrote to the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver, BC, Canada that the Arab Spring will create domino effects to create internal rifts to change the regimes in developing countries. I also mentioned that the Arab Spring’s last destination was China. I handed the letter in person at the Chinese consulate in Vancouver, BC, Canada. On the way home I was arrested. I have been facing lots of hardships while exposing the Western powers. Impossible for me to live a normal life. The Western powers stopped me from attending my mother's funeral. But the Asian leaders and media turned a blind eye.

Unfortunately, Asian leaders and media continue to turn a blind eye and daydream to dominate the world. The Chinese Communist Party and two billion South Asians are doing nothing to help me to expose the Western power's double standards. In 2019, I was in China, but the Chinese Communist Party didn't even allow me to teach English. I would not even visit India, because India has too many uninformed people who adore Western powers and those fools can be used for a little money to assassinate me. The Chinese Communist Party is happy to squeeze its people to make money. Indian leaders are happy to increase the population to get votes to keep their power. Asians' mindset is all about surviving, and breeding like rabbits.

The Western powers have been systematically isolating me.

I have consistently experienced isolation worldwide due to my writings, yet I find little support in exposing the flaws in Western democracies. Despite the vast population of Asians, they are unable to assert dominance in their own region due to internal divisions. My visits to China and South Asia proved to be wasteful in retrospect. My disillusionment with the world deepened when the Australian Government, without any legal process, stripped me of my citizenship and left me destitute because of my writing.

The fact that two billion South Asians, including my own family, relatives, and friends, turned a blind eye to this injustice left me utterly disgusted. My dismay reached a new low when Western powers manipulated one of my siblings, who lacks even a high school education, to attack me in Sri Lanka. He obtained refugee status in Canada and became a Canadian citizen, effectively becoming a puppet for these Western powers due to his lack of understanding in geopolitics. In an act of violence, he sprayed pepper into my eyes and stole my laptop, smartphone, and Australian passport. Despite reporting this crime to the Sri Lankan police on six occasions, they have taken no action to rectify the situation.

Due to my writings, the Australian Government hindered my employment opportunities, leading to the loss of my house. To compound my troubles, my sibling seized the remainder of my possessions in Sri Lanka. Strangely, the Sri Lankan media remained silent about my struggles both in Australia and Sri Lanka. It seems that Sri Lankan politicians, media personnel, and even my own siblings share a similar mindset. The Australian political elites and their allies engage in the practice of granting permanent residency visas to ill-informed and economically disadvantaged individuals, exploiting their refugee status.

The Australian political elites and their Western counterparts easily manipulate authorities in developing countries by offering financial assistance due to poverty in order to further their Western interests. This is why Western powers consistently promote population growth in developing nations, exacerbating poverty under the guise of democracy and religious freedom. Curiously, despite concerns about climate change, these Western powers and supposed experts fail to advocate for a one-child policy.

Following my experiences in Australia, I resided in Sri Lanka from 2015 to 2017. During my time there, I had an opportunity to apply for the esteemed position of Vice-Chancellor at Colombo University. I was among the final seven candidates vying for the position. However, during my speech, a group of individuals, who considered themselves educated, rudely interrupted and mocked me. Their primary criticism stemmed from the fact that my research had not undergone the scrutiny of peer review by Western university professors.

In my quest for knowledge about world history, global economy, and international affairs, I diligently studied hundreds of books. Additionally, I undertook two research projects. The first focused on identifying the obstacles hindering billions of Asians from achieving prosperity as the world's majority population. The second delved into understanding the strategies that have rendered Western countries so powerful, as well as their methods for maintaining their dominance on the global stage. The selection of books and articles for both research projects was solely my responsibility, as the Western countries were unlikely to support information that could potentially equip Asians or the rest of the world with the means to challenge their power.

In addition to completing my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have dedicated over 15,000 hours to extensive reading. The scope of my research far surpasses the requirements of a doctoral program. I am continuously striving to expand my knowledge with the intention of enlightening the world. It is regrettable that those who lack understanding and wisdom ridiculed my efforts. These individuals, through their mismanagement, have brought Sri Lanka to the brink of bankruptcy, leading to global ridicule.

Interestingly, these same individuals readily accept the late President Abraham Lincoln as a self-taught lawyer and legislator, solely because the Western powers have endorsed his accomplishments. However, when it comes to my own diligent work, they dismiss it simply because it lacks the approval of the Western powers. It is evident that the Western powers will not acknowledge my hard work or the sacrifices I have made, as it would undermine their dominant position in the world. Throughout history, the Western powers have exerted control over various regions and shaped the mindset of their inhabitants to perpetuate their own dominance. Sri Lankans, unfortunately, are not exempt from falling victim to this particular strategy.

Why do I believe that the Third World War is inevitable?

My assertion regarding the inevitability of the Third World War stems from several significant factors. According to a NASA report, the Arctic Sea ice is rapidly shrinking at a rate of 12.6% per decade, a clear indication of the planet's accelerating warming. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in natural disasters, impacting the global population in various ways. Moreover, the opening of a new shipping line through the Arctic Sea holds considerable economic and strategic value. As this region becomes more accessible, Western powers are likely to intensify their efforts to dominate and control it, leading to potential conflicts and tensions.

Another concerning aspect lies in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It appears that the US may be deliberately pushing Russia towards initiating the Third World War to weaken not only Russia but also its allies, such as China, India, Iran, and North Korea. The world's majority lacks the ability to unite behind a common cause to weaken Western powers, unlike how the Western powers have successfully formed alliances through their propaganda. This glaring weakness in the world's majority allows the Western powers to manipulate regional dynamics by creating and exploiting divisions, as seen with the creation of Pakistan to undermine India and the usage of Ukraine and Taiwan to undermine Russia and China. Regrettably, Russia has failed to establish similar alliances and lacks the time to re-educate the world to change the current power dynamics. These combined factors paint a troubling picture, raising concerns about the potential for the outbreak of the Third World War.

Unfortunately, not only Russia but the world's majority is paying a high price for keeping silent when the British Empire was invading North America and Australasia on genocides to inherit continents to have enormous resources. Sadly, the world's majority continues to allow the Five Eyes countries to use the moral high ground such as democracy and human rights to conquer the world. I have been exposing the Aboriginal People’s hardships. The current situation would have been so different if Russia or China focused on the Native Americans' as well as Canadian and Australian Aboriginal people’s issues, and supported them to fight for their freedom in their own lands.

Regrettably, my knowledge remains untapped by Russia, particularly when it comes to sharing my experiences as a writer in Western countries to enlighten their neighboring regions. Back in 2014, I sought political asylum at the Russian Embassy in Singapore, but my knowledge and hardships were not recognized by Russian officials. It is disheartening to witness the deaths and suffering in Ukraine, a lovely country with beautiful people. It is truly saddening to see such a catastrophe among people who share the same cultural and linguistic background.

Unfortunately, throughout history, wars have been an inevitable part of human existence, even though education, knowledge, and wisdom should ideally prevail. If that were the case, the world would not have witnessed the devastating conflicts of the First and Second World Wars. Sadly, it seems that history is bound to repeat itself, and the prospect of a Third World War looms over us. One can't help but notice that world leaders often fail to learn from their past mistakes, choosing to prioritize their power and arrogance over the lessons of history. This refusal to learn and grow only perpetuates the cycle of conflict and suffering, leaving us with a sense of disappointment and concern for the future.

Sadly, the world's majority has allowed the Western powers to establish strongholds across much of the globe. As the Western powers cling tightly to their dominant position, restoring a balance of power in favor of Russia will likely be a challenging and tumultuous process. There exists a worrisome possibility that a conventional conflict may escalate into a nuclear war, in which case the Western powers must bear responsibility for their actions.

The world's majority is willing to cooperate with the Western powers to maintain peace, particularly with the Five Eyes countries. However, the Western powers consistently exploit opportunities to sow division and instability, seeking to assert their dominance over the world's majority. This manipulation must not go unchallenged, as the Western powers have perpetrated numerous atrocities while hypocritically presenting themselves as moral superiors.

Furthermore, presently, Western countries such as the US, UK, France, and Germany carry substantial foreign debts, amounting to trillions of dollars. Meanwhile, China and India's vast populations enable them to dominate the world market through cost-effective production, raising questions about how Western countries will repay their debts amid such competition. Regrettably, the leaders of developing countries, particularly China and India, seem unaware of the Western powers' relentless efforts to advance their agendas. A potential consequence of the Third World War is a significant reduction in population, which could leave India and China facing a scarcity of human resources on a large scale.

Yours Sincerely,

Antany Peter.
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Postal address: P O Box 606, Carina, Queensland -4152.

A Letter to Sri lankan high commissioner

Please note: I also suspect that my letter to the Russian Ambassador could have contributed to the challenges I faced during my travels in Sri Lanka.

H. E. Mrs. Chitranganee Wagiswara
High Commissioner
Sri Lanka High Commission
No. 61, Hampton Circuit
Yarralumla, Canberra
ACT 2600 Australia
Date: 5th of July 2023

Your Excellency,

RE: Malaysian leaders are wiser than Sinhalese leaders.

The leaders of Malaysia exhibit greater wisdom compared to the leaders of Sri Lanka. In the pre-invasion era by Western countries, both the Tamil and Sinhalese populations coexisted peacefully under their respective kings. However, with Western invasions, the nation was unified, and the English language was introduced to facilitate communication between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities. So, to maintain national unity, it is advisable to adopt English as an official language, similar to Singapore, and relinquish Sri Lanka's identification as a solely Buddhist country. Alternatively, the Tamils and Sinhalese could live separately akin to Malaysia and Singapore, if the Sinhalese leaders continue giving priority to the Sinhala language and proclaiming Sri Lanka as a Buddhist nation.

It would be unwise to engage in violence over language and religion, leading to the destruction of the economy and squandering approximately 500 billion USD on a civil war, ultimately resulting in bankruptcy. In contrast, the leaders of Malaysia demonstrated wisdom by granting independence to Singapore, allowing both nations to pursue their own development instead of engaging in conflict. It's important to note that had the Sinhalese leaders managed to unite the country, India would not have been able to support Tamil armed groups, preventing Tamils from seeking refuge abroad and minimising the influence of the Western powers which supported the LTTE through Tamil diaspora to have a foothold in the Indian Ocean to control China and India as they control Middle Eastern countries by creating Israel.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka, and I would like to share my personal experience. Upon my arrival on April 20, 2023, at 11:30 pm, I encountered a delay of 15 hours at the immigration section. Regrettably, Sri Lankan immigration authorities denied me entry, citing an issue with overstaying in 2015. However, I had visited Sri Lanka on previous occasions in 2018 and 2020 without any problems, and my ETA visa had been approved on April 17, 2023. It appears that they fabricated reasons to deny my entry. Despite requesting an official and detailed document explaining the grounds for my deportation, they refused but provided a brief note on a small piece of paper.

Awaiting deportation, I decided to contact the day-shift Immigration manager at the airport the following morning to explain my situation. During the call, the manager put the phone on speaker mode, allowing me to hear the conversation with the night shift officer. Unfortunately, the night shift officer used inappropriate language, prompting the manager to disconnect the speaker mode. Nevertheless, I treated the night shift officer with respect. Additionally, I reached out to Assistant Controller Mrs. Hansika Kumarasinghe, who advised me to request the day shift manager to contact her. After their conversation, the day shift Immigration controller informed me that the outstanding fees would be canceled, and Assistant Controller Mrs. Hansika Kumarasinghe approved of this decision. I uploaded a voice video of the head of Immigration at the airport to my Facebook page, although he declined to show his face in the recording. However, within a few minutes, he changed his mind and demanded payment of the outstanding fees.

The same officer insisted that I make a payment of USD 990.69. I refused to pay and accepted deportation. While awaiting deportation, I endured intimidation, with a security personnel assigned to monitor my every move, even following me into the restroom. Officers repeatedly approached me, threatening to deport me directly to Australia at a greater cost than the outstanding fees. Despite informing them that I had travelled from Malaysia and transited through Australia, they insisted on deporting me to Australia and purchasing a new flight ticket. Previously, they had informed me of deportation to Malaysia and forced me to buy a ticket to Kuala Lumpur with Sri Lankan Airlines, despite having booked a return flight to Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia. Their reasoning was that low-budget airlines such as AirAsia were not acceptable for deportation purposes. Ultimately, I chose to pay the outstanding fees by borrowing money from my former boss, who is a generous individual always willing to assist others. Sadly, Sri Lanka's downfall seems inevitable due to the scarcity of honest and upstanding individuals in positions of leadership.

If I indeed owe a debt to the Sri Lankan government, I have no objections to fulfilling my obligation. My departure from Sri Lanka occurred in November 2017, and it raises questions as to why I was allowed to leave if there were pending visa charges at the time. Moreover, I visited Sri Lanka in 2018 and 2020 with no issues. Clearly, the immigration authorities mishandled this matter. Why did they not request payment for six years? I am a frequent visitor, and the Sri Lankan Immigration Department possesses my contact details, Australian address, phone number, and email address. Why should I be treated like a criminal at the airport? They wanted to treat me as a criminal because I am a Tamil and I expose corrupt politicians. What reasoning is there behind treating me like a criminal at the airport? It seems that my Tamil ethnicity and the fact that I expose corrupt politicians make them view me as such.

Yours Sincerely,
Antany Peter.
Mobile: 0406878300
Postal address: P O Box 606, Carina, Queensland 4152, Australia.

A Letter to Prime minister

The Right Honourable Scott Morrison,
Prime Minister,
House of Representatives,
Parliament House,
PO Box 6022,
Canberra, ACT 2600.

Date: 01/11/2021.

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Evaluate me not based on the colour of my skin, but rather on the breadth of my knowledge.

Consecutive administrations have sought to belittle my expertise, yet have themselves become a source of disgrace to human progress, a mockery of Western culture, and a stain on democratic ideals. Armed with an Australian business degree and a postgraduate specialisation in Human Resources Management, I have lived on four continents, immersing myself in over 300 books to enrich my understanding of global history, the worldwide economy, and international relations. Enclosed are letters and an article I have shared with Queensland's media and foreign diplomats. I trust these compositions will facilitate a comprehensive reassessment of my capabilities and erudition. A swift acknowledgment of my aptitude will benefit us all.

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter.

Mobile: +61406878300

A Letter to the Australian Prime Minister

The Right Honourable Scott Morrison
Prime Minister
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Date: 5th of July 2019

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Australia allows its Parliament to validly enact laws that are racially discriminatory.

During the 1960s the concept of diversity is a truly remarkable gift from the United States to Australia. Unfortunately, a Human Resource Management strategy has not been utilised by the Australian political elites. In the 21st century, among Western countries, only Australia allows its Parliament to validly enact laws that are racially discriminatory. Section 25 of the Constitution gives provision for the exclusion of voters based on race. Section 51(xxvi) enables the Australian Parliament to regulate the affairs of the people of coloured or inferior races. Notably, in 1962, the Menzies government amended the Federal Electoral Act to give Indigenous people the right to vote in Federal elections. The Federal Electoral Act can be revoked or invalidated at any time because it is not consistent with sections 25 and 51 of the Constitution. It was a temporary patch-up solution and it was not a permanent act until the people of Australia remove sections 25 and 51 from the Constitution through a referendum.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were expressly discriminated against in the drafting of the racist constitution, visibly with the provisions that prevented them from being counted as among the numbers of the new nation. Consequently, since then, successive governments ignored them and had not made any provision to protect their inherent rights as the First People of this country. Throughout the history of exclusion, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have consistently fought to have their rights acknowledged by the people of Australia. As a major step, the 1967 referendum paved the way for a critical change that allowed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be counted in the census. The people who lived in Australia for more than 60,000 years through calamitous environments and protected their lands have been denied their place in their motherland. This country has failed its fundamental test when it comes to social goals and human development. The land of ‘fair go’ means nothing, if you are a coloured individual.

In 1982, Patricia Cobern, who had denied the occurrence of genocide and wrote a letter to one of Australia’s leading news magazines, The Bulletin, which published her letter. ‘The letter claimed that the settlers had been ‘peaceful, moral people, while the Tasmanian Aboriginals were, treacherous, murderous, warmongering, filthy, covetous, parasite-infested and disturbed.’ She also claimed that it was a pure coincidence that Aboriginal people began to die when the Europeans started to settle in Australia (Combat Genocide Association 2019). Almost two centuries have passed, but Australia is still in denial. Historian Lyndall Ryan says the true story of the massacres was lost, but myths and lies were left in its place (MacDonald 2019).

Notably, white Australians did not even rescue one Aboriginal Tasmanian, but Germans had rescued Jews from the Nazis’ genocides. In contrast to Australians’ view about eliminating Aboriginal people through systematically orchestrated genocides, the Germans have acknowledged the Nazis’ genocides. In 1953, the German government made payments to the Jewish people as a way of acknowledging Germany’s responsibility. Not only Germans; recently, the Swiss government and banking institutions have acknowledged their complicity with the Nazis and established funds to aid Holocaust survivors.

Recently, Israel's Holocaust memorial council declared Major Karl Plagge righteous among the nations, alongside men such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler, for an elaborate deception that saved about 250 Jewish lives. In 1931, Plagge, an engineer, joined the Nazi party to develop the wealth of Germany, but he became disillusioned due to their racial ideology. ‘He felt he had helped create this monster and that it was his duty to try to help these imperilled Jews.’ About 90 per cent of the 57,000 Jews who lived in Vilnius were murdered, but 10 per cent were saved by Plagge. In 1958, just before his death, he told a friend. ‘I never felt that this needed special courage. It required only the conviction and strength that anyone can draw from the depth of moral feelings that exist in all humans.’

Australia prides itself on its fairness and multiculturalism. But wander through Sydney’s corporate towers or Canberra’s halls of Parliament, and you will notice that Australia’s power structure is overwhelmingly white, nowhere near as diverse as the country at large. About 95% of senior leaders in Australia have an Anglo-Celtic or European background; notably, the federal and state government department heads are 99% of Anglo-Celtic or European background. Even though the children of immigrants outperform their white Australian students, Australia’s racial and ethnic reality still remains the same.

Sadly, the Australian Government looks almost the same as it was in the 1960s during the White Australia policy, which restricted non-white immigration. Parliamentarian Dr Anne Aly stresses that ‘Australia’s political leaders needed to become more comfortable with being challenged about their biases and cultural blind spots, and with the fact that Australia is more a part of Asia than Europe. She added that ‘political parties and the Australian news media needed to be more inclusive of non-European voices, and not just on issues like immigration or crime’. Similarly, Aboriginal leaders have been requesting the government to include their representatives in Parliament, but the government continues to ignore their request.

Furthermore, Julian Assange has exposed the Western countries' war crimes and human rights abuses to the world and I have been making awareness about the Western countries' double standards. We both are Australians. Clearly, the Australian government has failed to hear our concerns. There is no obvious evidence that the Australian government has searched for trade-offs, in order to solve the disputes with its citizens. Subsequently, the wealth of knowledge has been shared through the Internet and other forms of communication. The beneficiaries are all around the world, especially China and Russia.

I have written many letters to the appropriate ministers about Australia’s discrimination policies, but I did not get a reply, not even an acknowledgement of receipt of my letters. Since the Australian government deleted my Australian citizenship, I have made enormous efforts to reconcile, but the government decided to ignore my letters and focused on its disinformation to undermine my credibility. This has adversely affected Australia’s democracy and human rights campaigns but gave the upper hand to China and Russia.

Yours sincerely,

Antany Peter.
Mobile: 0406 878300