Antany Peter

My struggles and hardshipsas a writer in Australia

I have been living in the West for the last three decades, but I do not experience democracy. It is a myth to occupy the moral high ground to rule the developing countries. Do you really believe the people who invaded others' homelands on genocides and systematically covered up theirs atrocities? Can they really value others, if they do why First Nations are so behind, especially Australia's First Nations? If Australia is serious enough to deal with the First People’s issues, why it had to delete my citizenship and brought me to the street for making awareness of the First people’s hardships?

I was banned from my university for six months under a false accusation while I was making students aware of the government’s harsh treatment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and refugees’ harsh life in detention centres. Fortunately, other students stood with me; eventually, the University allowed me to sit for my final semester Business degree exams under the university security guards. I still passed all the final semester subjects with distinction and credits without attending lectures and tutorials. 

Between 2003 and 2008, I have lifted awareness of the reality of the Australian outback and detention centres while Australia was fighting in Iraq.I wrote many letters to the federal and state ministers about their awful treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in the outback; and refugees in the detention centres. Everything was taken from me due to my writings I spent most of my time in libraries and do not have a criminal record but I am in isolation. 

In 2008, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and traumatised me as an illegal immigrant without legal proceedings. I could not defend my case through a lawyer, because the government hoodwinked the entire world. I am a qualified accountant but lost my job due to the government's disinformation. I could not service my home loan without a job. Subsequently, I had to sell my house. When I had open house inspections for sale, the police would come for a routine check to intimidate potential buyers.

Eventually, I had to sell my house for a loss. The government made sure that I cannot make money from my house to take legal action and it has been isolating me so I will not have the people's power to expose the truth. When I reached out to the international community the government silently reinstated my citizenship without an explanation or apology. Twelve years have gone since the government had deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street. But still, justice has not been served, I cannot get a job and I cannot even obtain a credit card for 100 dollars.

In 2008 my house was searched by more than ten police officers under a false accusation. I had asked for the reason. I was told that they have a search warrant but no need to reveal the reason. I was asked to sit outside of my house. An hour later they had completed the search and allowed me to go inside my house. The following day, I had a call from the detention centre and told I was an illegal immigrant in Australia and the officers will come and take me to the detention centre. I left work and went home to take my passport and citizenship certificate to prove my legal status. But my Australian citizenship certificate and passport were disappeared from my house.

I believe that the police officers took my documents during the house search. I quickly went to the immigration and citizenship department to prove my legal status. I was told that they had no information about me. I showed my expired passport. The front desk officers could not believe their eyes. They took my expired passport to show to their manager. The manager came and told me that they have no information in the system but suggested me to check with the passport office. I went to the passport office, again I was told no information in the system. When I showed my expired passport, I was told that I may have obtained it illegally.

Obviously, the government stole my documents during the house search and deleted my details in the system to undermine my credibility. My citizenship certificate no: ME9701311V, issued on 26/03/1997 has disappeared from the system; still, the government has not given a reason for its actions. I wrote to the United Nations, and also to the other countries' leaders about the government’s cruel action. Due to the international pressure, the government quietly reinstated my citizenship, without giving a reason or apology. As soon as my citizenship was reinstated, I applied for a passport and left Australia in 2008.

Between 2008 and 2017 I have lived a happy and healthy life in many places around the world to develop my knowledge. I lived in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. After ten years of travelling around the world, I returned to Australia in November 2017. Sadly, the government wants to get rid of me silently. Since l had returned to Australia I am in isolation more than ever before, and my health has been targeted. It does not matter where I go, I am in isolation. I am on my own even on my birthday, Christmas, New year, Easter etc. 

The government has started to attack my health to get rid of me to cover up its wrongdoings. Basically, the government is chasing its losses; in fact, it is at a loss when it comes to dealing with me. For the last twelve years, I have been raising awareness across the world of the Australian Government’s ill democracy. It makes one wonder what the Australian Government would do for enlightening others about its undemocratic actions.

Since returning to Australia, my health has been affected drastically. Since I landed, I was forced to stay in a youth hostel in Melbourne, because nobody wants to associate with me due to the government's disinformation. Within a few days of landing in Australia, I was admitted to a hospital. A few months later I broke my right arm through a low impact injury, due to osteopenia. In April 2018 I have consulted three doctors in Australia, and they all have confirmed that I would not have lost vitamin D so quickly unless something unusual has happened to my body.

Notably, before arriving in Australia I spent two years in the North of Sri Lanka, soaked up plenty of sunlight while I was doing gardening at my parents’ house. Clearly, I had enough vitamin D in my body before I had arrived in Australia; it is obvious to me that the government has been targeting my health. I believe that someone had mixed something with my food which I kept in the common fridge at the youth hostel. The other backpackers were told 'do not eat if I share my food with them.' It is clear to me that only the government has the power to go this far.

According to my experience as a writer, the Australian Government’s primary focus is upholding its white supremacy policies. Anything else is secondary, including democracy and human rights. Otherwise, the Australian Government would not have deleted my citizenship for raising awareness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’ hardships and refugees’ harsh life in detention centres or attacking my health for the enlightening international community.

Everything was taken from me due to my writings. I cannot even rent an apartment in Australia. I was living in shared accommodation and ended up having coronavirus in July 2020. My health is going downhill and the government has no concern whatsoever. I wrote two letters to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and sent those letters through registered post. However, no reply from the Prime Minister's office. Notably, the government is too busy fear-mongering prospective employers and the Australian public about me through disinformation.

Since my health was attacked, I keep my personal belongings with me all the time, especially food. I am forced to live in shared accommodation for a reason because it is easier to attack my health. I do not leave my things unattended, even if I am having a shower I take my personal items with me, such as food, toothpaste, shampoo face cream, etc. I buy a small amount of food which can be carried in my backpack. I do not buy the same food from the same supermarket. I buy different food from different supermarkets to make sure my food is safe to consume.

I will not allow the government to get rid of me easily, so it can continue to fool the developing countries by preaching democracy and human rights to rule them. I could not stop them when they deleted my citizenship without legal proceedings because it was well planned. South Asians who came for my Australian citizenship ceremony refused to testify that I was not an illegal immigrant because they were too afraid to stand up for the truth. However, I am not going to let the government succeed with their foul play. I determined to catch the wrongdoers even at my death. 

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