My hardships as a writer in the western countries

I have been living in western countries for the last three decades, but I do not fully experience true democracy. It seems like a trick to occupy the moral high ground to divide and rule the developing countries to dominate the world. Do you really believe that the people who invaded others' homelands on genocides and systematically covered up their atrocities will honour true democracy? Do they really value other races; if they do, why Aboriginal Australians are so behind in Australia? If Australia is serious enough to deal with the Aboriginal people’s issues, why did they delete my citizenship without a legal proceeding and break me financially when I made awareness of the Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships? Most of you may think that I am not in prison, so Australian leaders are following democratic values. However, they do not know that I am systematically isolated. The last time I had a friend in Australia was in 2007. Since then, I have been spending my birthday, Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations on my own, because of the government's systematic isolation based on disinformation. I am in an open-air prison which is far worse than being in prison. If I am in a prison, at least the people of Australia would know the reasons for my sacrifices.

I was banned from my university for six months under a false accusation while I was making students aware of the government’s harsh treatment of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and refugees’ harsh life in detention centres. Fortunately, other students stood with me; eventually, the University allowed me to sit for my final semester of Business degree exams under the university security guards. I still passed all the final semester subjects with distinction and credits without attending lectures and tutorials. I have made awareness of the Australian outback and detention centres while Australia was fighting in Iraq. I wrote many letters to the federal and state ministers about their awful treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in the outback; and refugees in the detention centres. The government did not respond positively but felt uncomfortable, and decided to make my life difficult. The government officials who refused to identify themselves, most likely Australian intelligence unit members, knocked on my front door and said “You brown Asian shit, go back to your country, don’t tell us what to do.” They knew I was the only occupant in my house and in those days, I didn’t have a smartphone to take photos or record the conversation. I didn't bother about their comments. So, they went on to delete my citizenship to give me a hard time.

My house was searched by more than ten police officers under a false accusation. I had asked for the reason. I was told that they had a search warrant but no need to reveal the reason. I was asked to sit outside the front door. Forty minutes later they had completed the search and told me everything was fine, no dramas. They told me “You can go inside” and left. The following day, I had a call from the immigration and citizenship department. He told me that I was an illegal immigrant in Australia, and the immigration officers will come and take me to the detention centre. I told him that he got the wrong information, and I have a citizenship certificate and Australian passport to prove my legal status in Australia. The immigration officer said he would like to see those documents. Immediately, I left work and went home to take my documents to prove my legal status. But these two documents were missing from my house. I suspect that the police officers who came for the house search took my documents with them to give me a hard time due to my wring. I quickly went to the immigration and citizenship department to obtain new documents. I was told that they had no information about me.

I showed my expired Australian passport. The front desk staff could not believe their eyes. They took my expired passport and showed it to their manager. The manager came and told me that they had no information in the system but suggested I check with the passport office. I went to the passport office, and again I was told no information in the system. When I showed my expired passport, I was told that I may have obtained it illegally. The expired passport was taken in 1997, and I travelled around the world in the same year, including North America, the UK and Europe. I asked them how can I travel around the world with a fake passport. I showed them the US, UK, Singapore, and France immigration stamps from my expired passport, but they could not answer. Obviously, the government stole my documents during the house search and deleted my details in the system to give me a hard time due to my writing. My citizenship certificate no: ME9701311V, issued on 26/03/1997 has disappeared from the system. In May 2008, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship and traumatised me as an illegal immigrant without a legal proceeding. Worst of all, the ugly minds of Australian political elites and media hoodwinked the entire country. I could not defend my case, not even one lawyer wanted to hear my plea.

I was without nationality, and the government stopped me from accessing jobs, medical, and unemployment benefits. I am a qualified accountant in Australia with years of professional experience but lost my job due to the government's disinformation based on illegal immigrants taking Australia’s jobs. I could not service my home loan without a job. When I had open house inspections for sale, the police would come for a routine check to intimidate potential buyers. Subsequently, I had to sell my house for a loss. The authorities made sure that I make no money from the house to take legal action against the government. The government deleted everything in the system, including my Medicare and taxation information from the Australian Taxation Office(ATO), including HECS debt which I undertook to finish my business degree. However, I kept my tax returns with an accounting firm’s office. I believe that those tax returns made the world conclude who was telling the truth. I wrote to the United Nations with ATO returns, and also to the other countries' diplomats in Canberra about the government’s ill democracy. I believe that due to the international community's pressure, the government reinstated my citizenship, but did not give a reason or apology for deleting my citizenship from the system.

The Australian Government executed its ill deed very successfully because it was well-planned. My relatives (South Asians) who came to my Australian citizenship ceremony had refused to testify the truth because they were too afraid to stand up against the Australian Government. During this ordeal, a few of my Italian Australian friends supported me by having me in their houses for months without asking for any money for food or accommodation. Fourteen years have gone by since the government deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street. But still, justice has not been served. Furthermore, the government has been isolating me so I will not have the people's power to expose the truth to get justice. Currently, it is impossible for me to get a professional job or have a normal life. The successive governments have been taking revenge on me for reaching out to the international community. Due to my writing, I was broken into pieces and isolated in Australia. I thought Canada is a democratic country and immigrated to Canada under a skill migration program. But I was wrong. I was arrested on a bogus sexual assault case when I exposed the Canadian Aboriginal people's hardships. My lawyer had a laugh, and he said that the crown had no case. No witnesses, no evidence and the woman who made the complaint was not in Canada but was in Mexico. Eventually, the Canadian government withdrew the case.

However, the police officer said "we have informed the South Asian community, and those Asians believe the Canadian Government officials more than you. Basically, you are done in Canada." Clearly, it was a bogus case to assassinate my character, in order to isolate me from my family members, relatives and friends. However, the Canadian Government allowed me to have a lawyer, unlike the ugly minds of Australian political elites who hoodwinked the entire country and stopped me from defending my case through a lawyer. I am targeted because I have been exposing the Australian and Canadian Aboriginal people’s hardships in their own countries which they have protected for thousands of years. While I was living in Canada, my uncle died in the UK. I landed at Heathrow airport to attend my uncle's funeral. But I was denied entry. However, after hours of interrogation, British immigration took my passport and allowed me to attend the funeral. Once I returned to Heathrow airport, the immigration officers escorted me as the most wanted terrorist to the return flight and handed over my passport to the pilots. Finally, I received my passport when I landed in Canada. Once I landed in Canada, the Canadian government stopped me from getting a job and unemployment benefits. I was forced to live with homeless people.

Meanwhile, I was facing difficulty to pay off my credit card debts, I could not even pay the minimum amount. But the government officials send debt collectors late at night to hassle my friends who were helping me in Canada and Australia, especially those who helped me to reinstate my Australian citizenship. The government officials gave hard times to my friends so they would think twice before helping me. I had enough of Canada’s double standards and decided to move on. Due to my hardships in English-speaking countries, I decided to move to Europe. I thought Germans may have a neutral geopolitical view, because they were bombed twice, especially by the Five Eyes countries. So, I went to Germany in 2011, and I applied for political asylum. Unfortunately, the Germans did not consider my case and they did not allow me to work. I could not even afford to buy a winter jacket. I was told by the immigration officials “Write about the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses. Do not write about Australia and Canada; if you do, you will get nothing from Germany.” In 2012, my mother passed away in Sri Lanka, but the officials refused to give me permission to travel to Sri Lanka. I was told that Germany does not allow any asylum seekers to travel until their case has been finalised.

I was told that if attending my mother’s funeral was important, I had to withdraw my political asylum. So, I withdrew my political asylum in writing to attend my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka. Ironically, the German immigration officials could not locate my passport. I believe that the Nazis deliberately refused to give me my passport and stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral because I expose their allies. I told the German officials this is why you were bombed by the world not once but twice. I could not help my mother in her last days, and I could not attend her funeral. These two incidents are the hardest to endure in my life. After ten months of living in crowded apartments with the other asylum seekers, I left Germany with the help of my uncle and aunt who provided financial assistance to buy a flight ticket to New Zealand. I was in New Zealand between 2012 and 2014. Again, I exposed the western countries’ double standards and wrote that I couldn't get a job in New Zealand due to my writing. Because of my writing, they offered me a job as an accountant. But they started to delete data from my worksheets and also changed the numbers of my worksheet from the main server to undermine my accounting skills. I was dismissed from the job as an incompetent accountant. Even though I have proved to my manager that someone has been deliberately altering my work on the main server by saving my work on my USB drive. However, my manager was not interested to hear what I had to say.  

I lived in Germany, but the Germans did not attack my health, but the ugly minds of Australian political elites do.

I urge the world’s majority to understand the Five Eyes countries’ unmerciful actions. British convicted settlers eliminated entire Aboriginal people and did not even rescue one Aboriginal person in Tasmania. However, the Germans rescued Jews from the Nazis. Recently, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Council declared Major Karl Plagge righteous among the nations, alongside men such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler, for an elaborate deception that saved about 250 Jewish lives. In 1931, Plagge, an engineer, joined the Nazi party to develop the wealth of Germany, but he became disillusioned due to their racial ideology. ‘He felt he had helped create this monster and that it was his duty to try to help these imperilled Jews.’ About 90 per cent of the 57,000 Jews who lived in Vilnius were murdered, but 10 per cent were saved by Plagge. In 1958, just before his death, he told a friend., ‘I never felt that this needed special courage, it required only the conviction and strength that anyone can draw from the depth of moral feelings that exist in all humans.’ (McGreal 2005).

The Australian Government started to attack my health as soon as I landed in the country in 2017. Basically, the government is chasing its losses. In fact, it is at a loss when it comes to dealing with me. For the last fourteen years, I have been raising awareness across the world of the Australian Government’s ill democracy. It makes one wonder what the Australian Government would do for enlightening others about its undemocratic actions. Since returning to Australia, my health has been affected drastically. I was forced to stay in a youth hostel in Melbourne because my relatives and friends do not want to associate with me due to the government's disinformation. Within a few days of landing in Australia, I was admitted to a hospital. A few months later I broke my right arm through a low-impact injury, due to osteopenia. In April 2018, I consulted three doctors in Australia, and they all confirmed that something unusual has happened to my body. Very obvious to me that the government has been targeting my health. I believe that someone had mixed something with my food which I kept in the common fridge at the youth hostel.

The other backpackers were told 'do not eat if I share my food with them.' It is clear to me that only the government has the power and resources to go this far. Between 2008 and 2017 I have lived a healthy life in many places around the world. I lived in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. After ten years of travelling around the world, I returned to Australia in November 2017. Since I returned to Australia, I am in isolation more than ever before. It does not matter where I go, I am in isolation. I cannot get a job, so I cannot rent an apartment. I was living in shared accommodation and ended up in the ICU due to COVID-19 in July 2020. I wrote two letters to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and sent those letters through a registered post. However, no reply from the Prime Minister's office. But they are too busy fear-mongering the Australian public about me through disinformation. Nowadays they want to see me dying in isolation. I was told that I will die as a lonely man because South Asians listen to westerners rather than their own intellectuals. However, my parents prepared me well. They encouraged me to read. By 16 years old I had read about Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Junior. My legacy is becoming the first South Asian ever to expose the ugly minds of Australian political elites. I was not born in Australia. It means that ugly minds can isolate me easily because I don't have family friends or neighbours. 

I knew I needed a brilliant mind much greater than any revolutionary mind to deal with the ugly minds of the Australian political elites.

Last 30 years I have been developing my knowledge. I have an Australian business degree and a postgraduate qualification in Human Resources Management. On top of that, I have read more than 300 books to expand my knowledge of world history, human development, the global economy and international affairs. However, the Australian political elites do not want to utilise my knowledge, but they are very keen to isolate me. Unfortunately, the international community has not been helpful to utilise my knowledge and skills for the betterment of the people of Australia. I felt I had to prepare more than Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior or Nelson Mandela. Dating someone to get married or making money was not my priority. My mind, body and soul were dedicated to enhancing my knowledge. I have read day and night. I have gained most of my knowledge by spending time in brilliant North American libraries. On top of my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have read more than 15,000 hours. However; still, the ugly minds of Australian political elites continue to have the upper hand by systematically isolating me through their hidden hand so-called ‘intelligence network’. Incompetent politicians are in power and the intelligence services have well-paid jobs, benefits and perks with big budgets by demonising people like me.

I must come up with a breakthrough to prove my knowledge; otherwise, I will be insulting my postgraduate studies and the authors of those hundreds of books that I have read. Based on my experience as a writer, the Australian political elites’ primary focus is safeguarding themselves and their positions. The Australian political arena is a white man’s special privilege club that provides fame and benefits to white supremacists. It is all about safeguarding their positions is their first priority, anything else is secondary. They hardly value higher education, knowledge, democracy or human rights. Otherwise, they would not have deleted my citizenship for raising awareness of the Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships or would not have attacked my health for enlightening the international community. They are typically white men, and they think that they are born with special privileges. They do not care about gender equality either; otherwise, they would not rape their female counterparts inside of the Parliament House. Clearly, they have been faking their religion, democracy and human rights. The Christian or democratic values did not make them powerful. The truth is they invaded Australia on genocide. Australia was born by eliminating Aboriginal people. They are also part of invading and killing people in Iraq and Libya to steal oil.

The Australian political elites have breached three out of the ten commandments of fundamental Christianity. They breached the 5th commandment - thou shalt not kill, the 7th commandment - thou shalt not steal, and the 10th commandment - thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.   Last December my aunt died in Brisbane, Australia but nobody invited me to the funeral. I only found out two weeks later. This is how I am isolated in Australia due to my writing. Even though I am better educated than all of my relatives in Australia and do not have a criminal record, still others dislike me because of the Australian Government's disinformation. This is how the western powers, especially the Five Eyes countries, the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand divide and rule the world's majority. Compared with the world's population, the Five Eyes countries' total population is 3.5% but they dominate 96.5% of the population. Their greatest asset is their ability to divide and conquer the world. Unless the world’s majority understands their divisions, it is impossible to beat the minority western powers.