My hardships as a writer in the western countries.

I have resided in Western countries for the past thirty years, but I have yet to fully experience genuine democracy. It raises the question: can those who have invaded other nations, committed genocide, and concealed their atrocities, truly uphold the principles of true democracy? Do they genuinely value people of different races? If so, why do Aboriginal Australians face significant disparities in Australia? If Australia genuinely intends to address the challenges faced by Aboriginal people, why did they revoke my citizenship without due process and cause me severe financial distress when I raised awareness about the hardships endured by Aboriginal people and refugees?

Most individuals might assume that because I am not in prison, Australian leaders are adhering to democratic ideals. However, they are unaware that I am systematically isolated. Since 2007, I have not had a single friend in Australia, and I have spent my birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and Easter Sunday celebrations alone due to the government's deliberate isolation through disinformation. I find myself trapped in an open-air prison, an existence that is far worse than being behind bars. If I were imprisoned, at the very least, the people of Australia would be aware of the reasons for my sacrifices.

When did it start? It started while I was studying a business degree at RMIT university.

I faced a six-month ban from my university due to a false accusation while I was actively raising awareness among students about the harsh treatment endured by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, as well as the difficult lives of refugees in detention centers. Fortunately, I had the support of other students, which eventually led the University to permit me to take my final semester Business degree exams under the supervision of university security guards. Despite not attending lectures and tutorials, I managed to excel in all my final semester subjects, earning distinctions and credits.

After the Australian parliament approved the bill for war, I penned an article titled "Australia Cannot Neglect Its Troubled Backyard While Heading to War." In my efforts to raise awareness, I published photographs depicting the dire conditions faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, showcasing their runny noses, unkempt hair, and lack of proper footwear. Despite my persistent writings, progress has proven challenging due to the government's tight control, making it difficult to effectively shed light on this pressing issue.

During Australia's involvement in the Iraq conflict, I made consistent efforts to shed light on the Australian outback and the treatment of refugees in detention centers. I wrote numerous letters to federal and state ministers, expressing my concerns about the deplorable treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in remote areas and the refugees in detention centers. Unfortunately, the government did not respond positively; instead, they seemed uncomfortable with my advocacy.

My life while working as an accountant for a CPA firm in Business Services... 

During my free time, I make it a point to stay informed by reading newspapers and watching current affairs to gain a better understanding of community issues. I am committed to finding ways to contribute and help solve these issues. My focus has been on the challenges faced by refugees and Australian farmers, particularly the shortage of farm workers. With my background as a qualified and experienced accountant, I have also taken a critical look at the government's spending on detection centres and determined that there has been a misuse of taxpayers' money.  So, I urged the immigration ministers of both the Liberal and Labour Parties to reduce the expenses of unnecessary detection centers, especially offshore detention centers. 

Specifically, I recommended allowing refugees to work in farms to assist Australian farmers and alleviate the cost of living in the country. I noted that if individuals claiming refugee status were not genuine, they would likely not endure the extreme temperatures of 40-48 degrees Celsius while undertaking farm labor. I also pointed out that the United States permits thousands of undocumented workers from Mexico to work in farms for reduced wages, ultimately contributing to a lower cost of living. This is a win-win resolution to treat the refugees fairly and also to solve the main issue of the Australian farmers. Above all, this particular resolution would have helped to maintain a lower cost of living that would have benefited the Australian public. 

I also urged the Minister for Indigenous Affairs to conduct thorough audits of spending on Aboriginal welfare, as the lives of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not improving at the same rate as those of Asian countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. It is evident that there are issues of mismanagement in government spending. Additionally, I brought attention to WorkDirections, a part of Ms. Rein's $175 million employment placement contract, which had irregularities. After exposing the truth, Kevin Rudd's wife Therese Rein, voluntarily repaid $300,000 to a government department after picking up irregularities in her company records. Sadly, the Rudd administration chose to conceal the government's wrongdoings and targeted me to attack personally by revoking my Australian citizenship without due process and labeling me as an illegal immigrant because of my writing.

Government officials, whom I suspect were members of the Australian intelligence unit, came to my house without identifying themselves. They used derogatory language, targeting my ethnicity by saying, "You brown Asian shit, go back to your country, don't tell us what to do." At that time, I did not possess a smartphone to capture evidence of the encounter. Despite their offensive comments, I chose not to dwell on them. However, as a result, they proceeded to revoke my citizenship as a means to further burden me.

A team of over ten police officers conducted a search of my house based on a false accusation. When I inquired about the reason for the search, they informed me that they possessed a search warrant but refused to disclose the specific grounds. They asked me to wait outside the front door while they carried out the search. After approximately forty minutes, they completed the search and assured me that everything was in order, with no issues to address. They simply said, "You can go inside," and departed.

To my surprise, the following day, I received a call from the Immigration and Citizenship Department. The individual on the line claimed that I was an illegal immigrant in Australia, and immigration officers were scheduled to take me into custody for transfer to a detention center. I immediately informed him of the misinformation, stating that I possessed a valid citizenship certificate and an Australian passport that could substantiate my legal status in the country. The immigration officer insisted on seeing these documents. Consequently, I left my workplace promptly and hurried home to retrieve the necessary proof of my legal status. However, upon arrival, I discovered that both documents were missing from my house.

I suspect that the police officers who conducted the house search deliberately took my documents to cause me distress as a consequence of my activism. Faced with this predicament, I swiftly visited the Immigration and Citizenship Department in order to obtain new copies of the required documents. To my astonishment, they claimed to have no information regarding my citizenship or immigration status.

When I presented my expired Australian passport to the front desk staff, they were astounded. They took the expired passport and shared it with their manager. The manager, after reviewing the passport, informed me that they had no record of my information in their system. They suggested that I visit the passport office to seek further clarification. Taking their advice, I went to the passport office, only to encounter the same response—no information about me could be found in their system.

To my dismay, when I showed them my expired passport, I was met with the suggestion that I might have obtained it illegally. However, it is important to note that the expired passport was issued in 1997, and in that same year, I traveled around the world, visiting North America, the UK, and Europe. I expressed my bewilderment, questioning how it would have been possible for me to travel worldwide with a forged passport. I presented immigration stamps from the US, UK, Singapore, and France, all of which were recorded in my expired passport, but they were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation.

Clearly, it seems that during the house search, the government officials took possession of my documents and deliberately removed my details from the system, aiming to create difficulties for me due to my activism. Unfortunately, my citizenship certificate with the number ME9701311V, issued on 26/03/1997, has vanished from the system. In May 2008, the Australian Government revoked my citizenship without any legal proceedings, causing immense trauma by falsely categorising me as an illegal immigrant. What adds to the distress is that the Australian political elites and media have manipulated the entire nation, further exacerbating my inability to defend my case. Regrettably, not a single lawyer was willing to listen to my plea.

I found myself in a state of statelessness, deprived of Australian nationality, as the government prevented me from accessing employment, medical care, and unemployment benefits. Despite being a qualified accountant in Australia with extensive professional experience, I lost my job due to the government's dissemination of disinformation, falsely claiming that illegal immigrant was taking away employment opportunities from Australians. This left me unable to sustain my home loan payments, plunging me into financial distress.

During open house inspections when I attempted to sell my house, the police would routinely appear, seemingly to conduct checks, which had a chilling effect on potential buyers. Consequently, I was forced to sell my property at a loss. It appeared that the authorities were determined to ensure that I did not profit from the sale, effectively preventing me from seeking legal recourse against the government's actions.

In their relentless efforts, the government deleted all traces of my existence from the system, including my Medicare and taxation information from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This included my HECS debt, which I had incurred to complete my business degree. However, I had managed to retain copies of my tax returns with an accounting firm, and those records held the evidence needed to vindicate my claims.

In an attempt to seek justice and shed light on the government's undemocratic practices, I corresponded with the United Nations, providing them with my ATO tax returns. Additionally, I reached out to diplomatic representatives from various countries in Canberra, sharing my story of the government's assault on democracy. I believe that due to the international community's pressure and scrutiny, the government ultimately reinstated my citizenship. However, no reason or apology was provided for the initial deletion of my citizenship from the system.

The Australian Government executed its nefarious scheme with meticulous planning, ensuring its success. Unfortunately, my relatives from South Asian backgrounds, who were present at my Australian citizenship ceremony, refused to testify to the truth due to their fear of standing up against the Australian Government. Throughout this distressing period, a few of my Italian Australian friends provided invaluable support by offering me food and accommodation in their homes for months, without expecting any monetary compensation.

Fourteen long years have passed since the government callously deleted my citizenship, rendering me homeless. Yet, justice remains elusive. Furthermore, the government has systematically isolated me to prevent me from garnering public support and exposing the truth to attain justice. As a result, securing a professional job or leading a normal life has become an impossible task. Successive governments have engaged in acts of retribution against me for reaching out to the international community and seeking assistance.

I am still unable to secure legal representation or media coverage to shed light on my struggles to the Australian public. The manipulative tactics of Australian political elites and their allies in intelligence networks, media, judiciary, and legal fields deceived the entire Australian population and the international community. In Canada, I was unable to expose the misconduct of Australian political elites due to the close relationship and cover-up efforts of the Five Eyes countries. This left me with no choice but to seek support from the leaders of China and Russia.

"China is a sleeping giant, when she wakes she will shake the world" - Napoleon Bonaparte.

After completing my Australian business degree and postgraduate qualification in Human Resources Management, I devoted a significant amount of time to reading, spending around 15,000 hours in libraries. I typically dedicate four to six hours per day to reading. It would be misguided to assume that I am not familiar with the words of Napoleon Bonaparte. I have not only shared my knowledge with China, but also with the former superpower Russia. Due to the actions of certain Australian political elites, I was compelled to seek help from the UN, Russia, and China in order to regain my Australian citizenship. However, the Australian political elites told different stories to their counterparts in Western countries, creating difficulties for me in North America and Europe.

Seeking solace in Canada, under a skilled migration program, I mistakenly believed it to be a democratic country. My optimism was quickly shattered when I was unjustly arrested on false charges of sexual assault after shedding light on the hardships endured by Canadian Aboriginal people, and expressing my belief that the Arab Spring would lead to internal conflicts and regime changes in developing countries, with China being the potential end point. I personally delivered the letter to the Chinese consulate, only to be arrested on my way home. The arrest was based on false accusations of sexual assault, which my lawyer swiftly discredited due to lack of evidence or witnesses, and the complainant being located in Mexico, not Canada. The charges were ultimately dropped by the Canadian government.

The string of injustices I have faced, both in Australia and Canada, has left me shattered and isolated. It is disheartening to realise that despite the passage of time, justice continues to elude me, and the effects of these ordeals continue to haunt my life. In a clear attempt to discredit and isolate me, a police officer made a false statement, saying, "We have informed the South Asian community, and they trust Canadian Government officials more than you. Essentially, your time in Canada is over." This baseless accusation aimed to tarnish my reputation and sever my connections with my family, relatives, and friends. Frustrated by Canada's inconsistent treatment, I made the decision to move on from the country. Please note; I have become a target due to my efforts in shedding light on the struggles faced by Australian and Canadian Aboriginal communities, who have endured hardships in their own lands which they had protected for thousands of years. However, unlike the Australian political elites who deceitfully prevented me from obtaining legal representation, the Canadian Government granted me the right to have a lawyer.

Considering the hardships I experienced in English-speaking nations, I opted to relocate to Europe(Germany), with the belief that Germans having been bombed twice, might hold a more neutral geopolitical perspective, particularly towards the Five Eyes countries.Upon my arrival in Germany in 2011, I sought political asylum but my application was overlooked and I was restricted from working. My financial constraints were so dire that I couldn't even procure a winter jacket. In a bizarre directive, immigration officials ordered me to document the Chinese Communist Party's human rights violations while forbidding any mention of Australia and Canada, or else I would receive no aid from Germany. Tragically, in 2012, my mother passed away in Sri Lanka and despite my desperate plea, I was refused permission to attend her funeral due to Germany's policy prohibiting asylum seekers from traveling until their cases are settled.

Faced with a tough choice, I was informed that if I wanted to attend my mother's funeral, I would have to give up my political asylum. So, I decided to withdraw my asylum and requested permission to attend the funeral. Strangely, the German immigration authorities couldn't find my passport. I believe they purposely kept it from me because of my involvement in exposing their allies, which may have led to the bombings the country endured. It was heartbreaking to be unable to be with my mother in her final days or say goodbye at her funeral. These two events have been the most difficult experiences of my life.

My hardships in the UK.

While residing in Canada, I tragically received news of my uncle's passing in the UK. I arrived at Heathrow Airport to attend his funeral but was initially denied entry. After undergoing an extensive interrogation, British immigration authorities temporarily seized my passport, permitting me to pay my last respects at the funeral. However, upon my return to Heathrow Airport, immigration officers treated me as a high-priority suspect, escorting me onto the return flight and surrendering my passport to the pilots.

Only upon my arrival in Canada was my passport returned to me. However, despite my rightful status as a legal resident, the Canadian government hindered my ability to secure employment and denied me access to unemployment benefits. Consequently, I was left with no choice but to seek refuge among the homeless population. During this time, I faced immense financial difficulties, struggling to repay my credit card debts, to the extent that I couldn't even meet the minimum payment requirements.

To add to my distress, government officials resorted to sending debt collectors to harass my friends, especially those who had assisted me in Canada and Australia, particularly in the process of reinstating my Australian citizenship. These actions were aimed at creating difficulties for my friends, discouraging them from extending their support. Frustrated by Canada's inconsistent treatment, I made the decision to move on from the country. Considering the hardships I experienced in English-speaking nations, I opted to relocate to Europe, with the belief that Germans having been bombed twice, might hold a more neutral geopolitical perspective, particularly towards the Five Eyes countries.

My hardships in new Zealand.

After enduring ten months of living in crowded accommodations with other asylum seekers, I departed Germany with the support of my uncle and aunt, who provided financial assistance for a flight ticket to New Zealand. I resided in New Zealand from 2012 to 2014, where once again, I had exposed the double standards of Western nations. As a result of my writing, I found it difficult to secure employment.

ironically, they offered me a job as an accountant to deliberately undermine my skills, so they could hide their ill democracy. my work was constantly tampered with, data was deleted from my worksheets, and numbers were changed on the main server, undermining my accounting skills. Despite providing evidence to my manager that someone was intentionally altering my work by saving my work on a USB drive, my concerns fell on deaf ears, and I was unjustly dismissed from my position as an incompetent accountant. My manager showed no interest in hearing my side of the story.

My hardships in Sri Lanka.

I have consistently experienced isolation worldwide due to my writings, yet I find little support in exposing the flaws in Western democracies. Despite the vast population of Asians, they are unable to assert dominance in their own region due to internal divisions. My visits to China and South Asia proved to be wasteful in retrospect. My disillusionment with the world deepened when the Australian Government, without any legal process, stripped me of my citizenship and left me destitute because of my writing.

The fact that two billion South Asians, including my own family, relatives, and friends, turned a blind eye to this injustice left me utterly disgusted. My dismay reached a new low when Western powers manipulated one of my siblings, who lacks even a high school education, to attack me in Sri Lanka. He obtained refugee status in Canada and became a Canadian citizen, effectively becoming a puppet for these Western powers due to his lack of understanding in geopolitics. In an act of violence, he sprayed pepper into my eyes and stole my laptop, smartphone, and Australian passport. Despite reporting this crime to the Sri Lankan police on six occasions, they have taken no action to rectify the situation.

Due to my writings, the Australian Government hindered my employment opportunities, leading to the loss of my house. To compound my troubles, my sibling seized the remainder of my possessions in Sri Lanka. Strangely, the Sri Lankan media remained silent about my struggles both in Australia and Sri Lanka. It seems that Sri Lankan politicians, media personnel, and even my own siblings share a similar mindset. The Australian political elites and their allies engage in the practice of granting permanent residency visas to ill-informed and economically disadvantaged individuals, exploiting their refugee status.

The Australian political elites and their Western counterparts easily manipulate authorities in developing countries by offering financial assistance due to poverty in order to further their Western interests. This is why Western powers consistently promote population growth in developing nations, exacerbating poverty under the guise of democracy and religious freedom. Curiously, despite concerns about climate change, these Western powers and supposed experts fail to advocate for a one-child policy.

Following my experiences in Australia, I resided in Sri Lanka from 2015 to 2017. During my time there, I had an opportunity to apply for the esteemed position of Vice-Chancellor at Colombo University. I was among the final seven candidates vying for the position. However, during my speech, a group of individuals, who considered themselves educated, rudely interrupted and mocked me. Their primary criticism stemmed from the fact that my research had not undergone the scrutiny of peer review by Western university professors.

In my quest for knowledge about world history, global economy, and international affairs, I diligently studied hundreds of books. Additionally, I undertook two research projects. The first focused on identifying the obstacles hindering billions of Asians from achieving prosperity as the world's majority population. The second delved into understanding the strategies that have rendered Western countries so powerful, as well as their methods for maintaining their dominance on the global stage. The selection of books and articles for both research projects was solely my responsibility, as the Western countries were unlikely to support information that could potentially equip Asians or the rest of the world with the means to challenge their power.

In addition to completing my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have dedicated over 15,000 hours to extensive reading. The scope of my research far surpasses the requirements of a doctoral program. I am continuously striving to expand my knowledge with the intention of enlightening the world. It is regrettable that those who lack understanding and wisdom, referred to as educated fools, ridiculed my efforts. These individuals, through their mismanagement, have brought Sri Lanka to the brink of bankruptcy, leading to global ridicule.

Interestingly, these same individuals readily accept the late President Abraham Lincoln as a self-taught lawyer and legislator, solely because the Western powers have endorsed his accomplishments. However, when it comes to my own diligent work, they dismiss it simply because it lacks the approval of the Western powers. It is evident that the Western powers will not acknowledge my hard work or the sacrifices I have made, as it would undermine their dominant position in the world. Throughout history, the Western powers have exerted control over various regions and shaped the mindset of their inhabitants to perpetuate their own dominance. Sri Lankans, unfortunately, are not exempt from falling victim to this particular strategy.

I returned to Australia to fight a good fight in 2017.

I resided in Germany, where my well-being remained unharmed, unlike the detrimental actions carried out by the Australian political elites. Upon my arrival in Australia in 2017, the Australian government began to target my health. Basically, the government is chasing its losses. In fact, they seem to be at a loss when it comes to dealing with me. Over the past fourteen years, I have been raising awareness globally about the Australian government's flawed democracy. It raises an important question "What the Australian Government would do if I continue to enlighten others about its undemocratic practices? Since returning to Australia, my health has significantly deteriorated. I was compelled to stay in a youth hostel in Melbourne as my relatives and friends, influenced by the government's disinformation, distanced themselves from me.

Within days of arriving, I was admitted to a hospital, and a few months later, I broke my right arm through a minor incident due to osteopenia. In April 2018, I consulted three doctors in Australia, all of whom confirmed that something unusual had occurred within my body. It became evident to me that the government was targeting my health. I suspect that someone tampered with my food, which I kept in the communal fridge at the youth hostel. The other backpackers were instructed not to consume any food shared by me. The extent to which this has been taken indicates that only the government possesses the power and resources for such actions.

From 2008 to 2017, I led a healthy life while residing in various places around the world, including Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. However, upon returning to Australia in November 2017, I experienced unprecedented isolation. Regardless of where I go, I find myself in seclusion. The inability to secure employment prevents me from renting an apartment. I resided in shared accommodations and ended up in the ICU due to COVID-19 in July 2020. I wrote two letters to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, sent through registered mail, but received no response from his office. Instead, they are preoccupied with spreading disinformation and fearmongering among the Australian public about me.

Presently, they seem content to witness my isolation and demise. I have been told by them that I will die a lonely man because South Asians tend to place more trust in Westerners rather than their own intellectuals. However, my parents instilled in me a strong foundation. They encouraged me to read, and by the age of 16, I had familiarized myself with the works of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Junior. My legacy is that of the first South Asian to expose the repugnant mindset of the Australian political elites. Being born outside of Australia makes it easier for these Australian political elites to isolate me, as I lack the support of family, friends, or neighbours. Last December, when my aunt passed away in Brisbane, Australia, I was purposefully excluded from the funeral, learning about it only two weeks later. Such is the extent of my isolation in Australia due to my writing.

Despite being better educated than any of my relatives in Australia and lacking a criminal record, I face disapproval solely due to the disinformation spread by the Australian government. This is how the Western powers, particularly the Five Eyes countries—the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—divide and rule the majority of the world. With a combined population of only 3.5% compared to the global population, they exert dominance over 96.5% of the people. Their greatest asset lies in their ability to sow divisions and conquer the world. Unless the majority of the world comprehends these divisions, it remains exceedingly challenging to overcome the minority Western powers.

I Recognised the need for a brilliant mind, surpassing any individual revolutionary.

I dedicated the past 30 years of my life to expand my knowledge. With an Australian business degree and a postgraduate qualification in Human Resources Management, I immersed myself in extensive reading, devouring over 300 books covering topics such as world history, human development, the global economy, and international affairs. Regrettably, the Australian political elites show no interest in utilising my expertise, but they are fervent in their efforts to isolate me. Disappointingly, the international community has not been supportive of harnessing my knowledge and skills for the betterment of the Australian people. It became evident to me that I needed to be more prepared than even the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior, or Nelson Mandela.

Marriage or financial gain were not my priorities; instead, my mind, body, and soul were committed to the pursuit of knowledge. I immersed myself in reading day and night, spending countless hours in esteemed North American libraries. Alongside my formal education, I dedicated over 15,000 hours to reading. However, the Australian political elites continue to hold the upper hand, systematically isolating me through their covert so-called 'intelligence network.' Incompetent politicians hold positions of power while intelligence services enjoy well-paid jobs, benefits, and perks, all the while demonising individuals like myself.

It is imperative that I make a breakthrough to prove the depth of my knowledge; otherwise, I would be disrespecting my postgraduate studies and the authors of the countless books I have devoured. From my experience as a writer, it is clear that the primary focus of the Australian political elites is self-preservation and the safeguarding of their positions. The Australian political landscape functions as a special privilege club for white men, providing fame and benefits to white supremacists.

Their priority lies in protecting their positions, with everything else considered secondary. Higher education, knowledge, democracy, and human rights are scarcely valued by these toxic elites. If they did, they would not have stripped me of my citizenship for shedding light on the hardships faced by Aboriginal people and refugees, nor would they have targeted my health for enlightening the international community. These individuals, typically white men, hold the belief that they are entitled to special privileges.

Gender equality is of little or no concern to them, as evidenced by the sexual assault of their female counterparts within the Parliament House. It becomes evident that their professed religion, democracy, and human rights are mere facades. They were not empowered by Christian or democratic values. Their power stems from the invasion and genocide of Australian Aboriginal people, as well as their participation in wars in Iraq and Libya to seize oil. The Australian political elites have flagrantly violated three of the ten fundamental commandments of Christianity. They have disregarded the 5th commandment - thou shalt not kill, the 7th commandment - thou shalt not steal, and the 10th commandment - thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.