I have the ability accommodate everyone for the betterment of Australia. 

I have a solution for the farmers, refugees and homeless people, but the successive Australian Governments are not interested because of my ethnic background. I could have easily saved billions of dollars to provide shelter for every homeless person in Australia. However, the new government has a priority to release a Sri Lankan family from a detention centre but is not interested in releasing Australian citizens. I am in an open-air prison due to my writings and Julian Assange is in a maximum-security prison in the United Kingdom for exposing America’s war crimes. The previous government has been wasting billions of dollars on offshore detention centres. It has created rifts with China and lost billions of dollars worth of exports. It has wasted billions of dollars by voluntarily cancelling the submarine contracts with France because it failed to do proper research before signing the contract. It also created rifts with Serbia by deporting Novak Djokovic. I strongly believe that the government should have implemented a system to check people’s documents before issuing visas through the Australian High Commission all around the world. Recently, Serbia revoked the exploration licences of Australian companies. Once again Australia is losing billions of dollars. Clearly, we see ignorance due to a lack of accountability. It is not the politicians' salaries or superannuation funds, but taxpayers' hard-earned money that has been wasted. Above all, the government has encouraged a nuclear-armed race in Australasia. 

Currently, Australian Farmers are struggling, because they do not have enough farm workers due to the pandemic. I had a solution, but the government adamantly refused to listen. Since the late 1990s, I have been asking the governments to use refugees in the agriculture sector until their cases have been finalised, instead of locking them up in detention centres. But the ministers have been ignoring me and locking up the refugees in detention centres while the Australian Agriculture sector needs workers. Unfortunately, the politicians have been recklessly wasting the taxpayers’ money and deliberately pushing the refugees under extreme difficulties, including children.  The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Save the Children, and GetUp published a report in 2019 titled 'At What Cost?’ The report found that offshore detention and processing cost around $9 billion between 2016 and 2020. According to the Refugee Council of Australia 2019 report, taxpayers are paying more than $573,000 per year to hold an asylum seeker in offshore detention, and more than $346,000 to hold an asylum seeker in detention in Australia. It costs more than $103,343 per year for an asylum seeker to live in community detention and $10,221 for an asylum seeker to live in a community on a bridging visa until their claim is processed. According to Channel 7, the government has spent $30 million to detain just one family on Christmas Island.  

Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave - Frederick Douglas. 

Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave, but the Australian political elites think differently so. I spend most of my time in the libraries to enhance my knowledge to help the people of Australia, but the reality is the Australian Government never allowed me to help its people but used every opportunity to isolate me through disinformation. For more than two decades I have been making awareness of the Aboriginal Australians' and refugees' hardships and giving the best options to treat them humanely. My approach will create winners on both sides and be cost-effective as well. However, the political elites do not like Asian questioning their ideas and actions, especially their rapes inside the Parliament House. Due to my writing, I am constantly isolated by the government's disinformation. I can't get a professional job to utilise my knowledge and skills. The political elites have been destroying my life because of my ethnic background. A Sri Lankan Tamil family's hardships have been deliberately exposed by the political elites and Murdoch media to increase the voting bank in the name of ‘Border Protection.’ However, the same government and media have been covering up my hardships as a writer. 

“I do not focus on the hardships that I face due to the actions that I have taken, but only on my hope and dream that the injustice will turn to justice.” ― Antany Peter ―