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I hail from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, and it was during my early teenage years, at the age of 14, that I began nurturing a profound desire to make a positive impact on the world. Recognising the value of education as a gateway to knowledge and empowerment, I embarked on a journey to transform my dreams into reality. By the time I turned 16, I had immersed myself in the teachings and wisdom of influential figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior, and Nelson Mandela, absorbing their insights and principles. As I reached 17, I started questioning the legitimacy of the Sri Lankan civil war, pondering why armed Tamil groups were formed instead of following Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent struggle for freedom. Unfortunately, those around me did not provide satisfactory answers to my inquiries regarding the civil war's validity. Furthermore, due to my young age, my knowledge and credibility were swiftly dismissed. Undeterred, I persisted in seeking the truth.

At the age of twenty, I made a decision to broaden my horizons by embarking on international travels and pursuing higher education. With an earnest desire to explore the world and expand my knowledge, I set my sights on Australia. There, I successfully completed a business degree and pursued postgraduate studies in Human Resources Management, further enhancing my understanding and skills. However, despite my knowledge and skills, I found myself unable to utilise them for the betterment of the people in Australia. In a distressing turn of events, the Australian government unjustly stripped me of my citizenship without due legal process, leaving me without a nationality and pushing me to the streets due to my writing. The government sought to undermine my credibility and purposefully subjected me to financial ruin, traumatising me as an undocumented immigrant. What saddened me deeply was the apathy displayed by seven billion people around the world during my ordeal, particularly the two billion South Asians, including my own family members, relatives, and friends. It was disheartening to witness their indifference as I struggled without a country to call my own.

The Australian political elites' and their Western counterparts' objective is to ensure that nobody values my knowledge, thereby enabling them to continue dominating the world.

The Australian political elites, along with their allies, have made it their mission to ensure my isolation, with the hope that I will perish alone, devoid of family, friends, and any form of status. Their motivation stems from my efforts to expose the actions of the Western powers in order to enlighten the majority of the world's population. Despite living in Australia for over three decades, true democracy remains elusive to me. This realisation prompted me to further enrich my knowledge, particularly after enduring a distressing period without a nationality in Australia. To expand my understanding and empower others, I have delved into the depths of more than 300 books on a range of topics, including world history, human development, the global economy, and international affairs. Additionally, I have conducted two research papers. The first piece explores the obstacles preventing Asians from prospering as the world's majority in Asia and beyond. The second piece investigates the factors contributing to the power of Western nations and what sustains their dominance. In both instances, I deliberately sought out research materials that challenge the mainstream narrative, as the Western powers are unlikely to endorse such information that equips Asians or exposes their methods of governance.

Having lived on four continents and travelled to over 25 countries, I have immersed myself in diverse cultures, local economies, and political systems. This has further fuelled my passion as an intellectual, dedicated to enlightening others through the knowledge I have acquired. I have made it my mission to amplify the voices of those who are marginalised and unable to speak for themselves, particularly in advocating for the struggles faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia. While my writings have raised awareness about their challenges, there is still much work to be done to ensure their rights are recognised within the Australian constitution. Despite the hardships I have faced as a result of my actions, I remain steadfast in my hope and dream that injustice will ultimately be replaced by justice. I urge everyone to actively participate in the advancement of human development, especially in Australia. In light of this, I encourage you to share this website with others and join the movement for change that will make every Australian proud.

“I do not focus on the hardships that I face due to the actions that I have taken, but only on my hope and dream that the injustice will turn to justice.” ― Antany Peter ―


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