I have a solution for the Australian farmers, refugees and homeless people.

I could have easily saved billions of dollars to provide shelter for every homeless person. However, the government has been wasting billions of dollars on offshore detention centres and also wasting billions of dollars by voluntarily cancelling submarine contracts with France. The government has failed to do proper research before signing the contract with France. Clearly, we see ignorance due to a lack of accountability. It is not the politicians' salaries or superannuation funds, but taxpayers' hard-earned money has been wasted. The government has also created unwarranted rifts with France. Above all, the government has been encouraging the nuclear-armed race in Australasia.

Due to Peter Dutton’s misconduct, the Queensland Police had asked him to resign. Later on, he became the home affairs minister and managed the Australian Federal Police, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Australian border force. Now he became the defence minister. A man who was not good enough to be a police officer became Australia’s defence minister. Clearly, the Murdoch media has betrayed the Australian public by deliberately omitting Peter Dutton’s true character. Furthermore, Australian leadership standards have been going backward under Prime Minister Scott Morison and Defence Minister Peter Dutton. About time, the people of Australia defeat incompetent leaders and send them home.

Currently, the Australian Farmers are devastated, because they do not have enough farm-workers due to the pandemic. I had a solution, but the government adamantly refused to listen. Since the late 1990s, I have been asking the governments to use refugees in the agriculture sector until their cases have been finalised, instead of locking up in detention centres. However, the ministers have been ignoring me and locking up the refugees in detention centres while the Australian Agriculture sector needs workers. Unfortunately, the politicians have been recklessly wasting the taxpayers’ money and giving unnecessary heartaches to refugees, especially to the children.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Save the Children, and GetUp published a report in 2019 titled 'At What Cost?’ The report found that offshore detention and processing cost around $9 billion between 2016 and 2020. According to the Refugee Council of Australia 2019 report, the taxpayers are paying more than $573,000 per year to hold an asylum seeker in offshore detention, and more than $346,000 to hold an asylum seeker in detention in Australia. It costs more than $103,343 per year for an asylum seeker to live in community detention and $10,221 for an asylum seeker to live in the community on a bridging visa until their claim is processed. According to Channel 7, the government has spent $30 million to detain just one family on Christmas Island

knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave - Frederick Douglass

According to Frederick Douglass knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave, but the Australian political elites think differently so. Due to my writings, I cannot get a high-profile job to utilise my knowledge and skills. The political elites have been destroying my life because of my ethnic background. A Sri Lankan Tamil family's hardships have been exposed by the political elites and Murdoch media to increase the votes in the name of ‘protecting Australia.’ However, the same government and media have been covering up my hardships as a writer. 

I have been making awareness of the Aboriginal Australians' and refugees' hardships. They simply do not want anybody questioning their rapes inside of the Parliament House or how they treat the First Australians and refugees; especially they hate Asians who question them. I am constantly isolated by the government's disinformation. The Australian political elites have been destroying me because of my ethnic background. However, I am wise and talented enough to enlighten the world, especially the dragon.

Between 2003 and 2008, I have lifted awareness of the reality of the Australian outback while Australia was fighting in Iraq. In 2008, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship without a legal proceeding to leave me out on the street for making awareness of the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander People’s and refugees' hardships. I could not even defend my case through a lawyer, because the government hoodwinked the entire country. When I reached out to the international community the government silently reinstated my citizenship without an explanation or apology. Thirteen years have gone, but justice has not been served. Since 2008, I have been spending Christmases, and my birthdays on my own because of the government's isolation tactic based on disinformation.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke

I have an Australian business degree and postgraduate education in human resources management. On top of that, I have read more than 300 books to expand my knowledge in world history, human development, the global economy, and international affairs. But wherever I go the politicians’ hidden hand so-called ‘intelligence unit’ follows me and spread disinformation to keep me in isolation. On top of that, the government is constantly monitoring my emails and phone calls to keep me in isolation by blocking some of my emails and phone calls, if these emails and phone calls are deemed to be inappropriate to the government’s isolation tactics.

I do not have a criminal record, but I am in isolation because good people do not speak up. The government has everything within its disposal to undermine my credibility. I am aware of my opponents. I have developed my knowledge to fight a good fight, at the same time I am aware of the risks that I am taking. I was living in shared accommodation and ended up having coronavirus in July 2020. I wrote two letters to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and sent those letters through registered post. However, no reply from the Prime Minister's office, notably the government is too busy fear-mongering the public about me. However, nothing will stop me from doing noble things.

“I do not focus on the hardships that I face due to the actions that I have taken, but only on my hope and dream that the injustice will turn to justice.” ― Antany Peter ―

The Australian Government has been isolating me with the help of South Asians.

I am carrying a cross because the Australian Government would not give wings to accomplish greater things for humanity due to racial profiling. I am aware of my struggles, because of my South Asian background. Isolating me with the help of other South Asians is very easy for the government. Lack of knowledge and poverty is making the South Asians buy the Australian Government's disinformation. South Asia does not even have a university rank within 100 in the world. It hasn't got a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. It has received only one gold medal in 2008 and 2021 but did not qualify for a gold medal in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. It does not have the ability to host Olympic Games but it has two billion people. It is well known for corruption, gang rapes and divisions based on religion, language, caste and gender.

Balance of power is the only solution; But, the Russian Empire had failed.

Russia is paying a price because the Russian Empire had failed to occupy the moral high ground to stop Great Britain's invasions. The former superpower had failed to chase out the British colonies when they invaded other countries, especially when convicts invaded Australia. The US used its moral high ground and chased out Iraqi troops from Kuwait to maintain its global leadership and also to control Kuwait’s oil resources.

Perhaps, the Russian leaders' failure to occupy the moral high ground to lead the world may have caused Russian Empire to collapse. The Russian Empire's failure created an opportunity for the Five Eyes countries to occupy the moral high ground to rule the world. The ability to systematically occupy the moral high ground and controlling others is the Five Eyes countries' greatest asset and it has been paying off very well for them.

The supremacists' extraordinary power will be relegated in the 21st century.

My next trip is to Russia. The day I land in Russia, the Australian political elites and their allies will hang their heads in shame. I cannot wait to be in Russia and ask the following question to the Russian people and their political elites.

How the people who don't even live in their own country became the superpower?

How the adverse policymakers became the superpower who destroy the world's environment and devalue humanity by deliberately encouraging uncontrollable populations in the developing countries to keep the poverty and lack of knowledge?

How the people who killed far more than Adolf Hitler became the greatest preachers of democracy and human rights to occupy the moral high ground to rule the world?

I believe that deadly viruses yet to be released.

Updated 12/o8/2020

This is a battle between the powerful and poor countries. Specifically speaking, the powerful leaders want to keep their status, and also to make sure that poor countries remain the same. Where the Western countries will end up, if India, South America and Africa use the massive population to create wealth and power as China does?

The following video clip shows the biggest airports in the world. Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) - Beijing, China is the biggest in the world. This shows China’s growth, and the West is not happy at all. China didn’t create any virus to grow this much. I believe the West is behind the COVID 19 for the following reasons.

The first reason is to isolate China to keep the West’s world dominant power.

Second reason: Lockdowns create job losses and income losses. This reduces the people’s buying capacity (China’s products). This strategy slows China’s profits and growth, so the West has enough time to think and act to undermine China.

Third reason: China has been using the massive population to create wealth through the manufacturing sector. India also follows China’s manufacturing strategy. If India comes up as China, the West will fall automatically. For this reason, as well as climate change issues, the West will do everything to reduce the population in developing countries. However, the West will continue to trick India that the West is willing to make India the world factory.

The West doesn’t want South Asia, Africa, or South America to utilise the people to come up as China does. Currently, China is a threat to the Western powers, because it is developing itself very quickly and enlightening the majority world to come out from the western trap. Thus, the West will continue to isolate China and get rid of the developing countries’ population through viruses. Otherwise, the West’s 700 hundred years of world dominant power will come to an end in our lifetime.

In 2015, Bill Gates predicted the pandemic and concluded millions of people will die. “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war, not missiles, but microbes.” Based on Gates quote I believe that the worst is yet to come. Gates was revealing what the US was planning to do. The US playing wisely, but China is not. That is why Huawei is done, but Microsoft is doing well all around the world. The US can spy on others intelligently through Microsoft.

The US government kept its distance from Microsoft by choosing Bill Gates to fool the world that Microsoft has nothing to do with the US government. Please note, the first email was used during the 2nd World War. It was a collective innovation by the talented Americans with the help of theUS government. I don't believe that a university dropout can be the guru of Information Technology and pandemics. I believe that Bill Gates works closely with the US government. He is a mouthpiece of the American superpower.

The Australian government has failed to protect the people and economy.

Australia is a continent, it has only 25 million population and geographically Australia is in a better position to combat COVID 19 better than other countries. However current leaders have failed to protect the people and the economy. President Trump said that it was hoked and it will disappear like magic. Later on, he was accusing China as it didn't inform about the virus on time. My question is, what was the CIA did. In this case, you would think the Five Eyes' intelligence has failed to get correct information about the pandemic. Ironically, according to their claim, they get credible information about China's human rights abuses but they could not get the correct information about the pandemic. In January 2020, Australia had only a handful of COVID 19 cases. On 20 January 2020, the Chinese authorities confirm the virus can spread from person-to-person.

However, the Five Eyes did not take it seriously, it had an ulterior motive. On 28 January 2020, Australia’s chief medical officer Brendan Murphy advises that “there is no need for the Australian public to wear masks” because there has been no human-to-human transmission in Australia. The government had failed to combat COVID 19, it should have made wearing masks mandatory and should have chosen a specific location to quarantine new arrivals from overseas; so the rest of the country could have functioned normally. Notably, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton done a perfect job isolating thousands of refugees, I do not believe he is incapable to isolate COVID 19 cases to protect Australians and the economy. It is clear, the Five Eyes has a plan to undermine China, specifically using COVID 19 to expanding its allies by demonising and isolating China to maintain its global dominant power. However, If the West is not careful, its strategy may lead to the 3rd world war and that will be the end of human civilisation.

The following timeline shows how Australia responded to the COVID 19 outbreak - the Guardian Australia

20 January 2020, Chinese authorities confirm the virus can spread from person-to-person. The novel coronavirus with pandemic potential is added as a listed human disease under the Biosecurity Act of 2015, enabling the use of enhanced border measures in Australia.

25 January 2020, The first case of coronavirus in Australia is confirmed – a man from Wuhan who Murphy says travelled on flight CZ321 from Guangzhou to Melbourne on 19 January.

27 January 2020, Australia’s chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy confirms the fourth case in NSW, the fifth in Australia. Murphy says there is “no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission outside of the Hubei province” and insufficient evidence to support quarantining passengers as they arrive. He said “I think, as I said before, now that the Chinese government has locked down the Hubei province, which is where the majority of these people have come from, it’s quite hard to get out of China from those at-risk areas, and we think the risk of someone coming on current flights is probably very low. “So you might be quarantining thousands of people for little benefit.”

28 January 2020, Australia’s chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy advises that “there is no need for the Australian public to wear masks” because there has been no human-to-human transmission in Australia.

Ruby Princess disaster

It was the ill-fated cruise ship that spawned more than 900 COVID-19 cases; potentially thousands of cases had been allowed to scatter to all corners of the country and around the world. Still, recriminations swung between state and federal agencies. Federal Agriculture officials admitted they did not do the required health checks. We still don't know which Federal officials gave permission for people with COVID-19 to disembark the Ruby Princess on March 19, 2020. According to Australian law, if it is a health issue only Agriculture officials can give permission for passengers to disembark a cruise ship. According to Insiders ABC, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has failed to provide the exact details of the disembarking of Ruby Princess.

Melbourne hotel quarantine disaster

Melbourne's deadly second wave of coronavirus was caused after infections leaked out of the hotels. More than 800 people lost their lives, 1,200 jobs per day were shed as businesses were forced to close their doors, and billions of dollars lost due to the lockdown. According to the Herald Sun security Guards shook hands and shared lifts, some had just six hours of infection control training, some were caught sleeping on the job and quarantined families were allowed to go between rooms to play cards and games. Security staff and “quarantine-hotel insiders” claim hotel guards slept with guests during the quarantine. And that “security personnel wore personal protective equipment for up to eight hours without changing it.” Sky News reports, security firms also “allegedly charged fees for shifts that were never worked, paid security guards in cash, and made up names for staffers who never existed.” There is no revelation on who has approved private security guards to monitor the hotel quarantine.

History is repeating itself.

The Extermination

In the 18th century, the British began to settle European convicts on the island of Tasmania. Criminals were removed from mainland Australia due to severe crimes and sent to Tasmania. The convicts kidnapped Aboriginal children for servants, women for concubines and killed or mutilated the men to conquer their homelands. In 1828, Governor Arthur ordered that all Tasmanian Aboriginals must leave the island where Europeans had settled. To enforce the order, government-sponsored ‘patrol teams’ made up of prisoners led by policemen. The patrol team chased and killed Aboriginal people; this hunt was known as ‘catching blacks.’ It became a job or business venture for the patrol teams; to encourage the killing a price was set for Aboriginal heads; five British pounds for an adult, and two pounds for a child. The patrol teams killed Aboriginal people and dumped their bodies off a cliff, known today as Victory Hill. Arthur was encouraged, after John Batman, a well-known leader, later founding father of Melbourne who shot two Aboriginals while they were in his custody(Combat Genocide Association 2019).

Evidence indicates that the British orchestrated genocidal policies and practices surreptitiously on Aboriginal people and their culture. According to Professor Tom Lawson, the British effectively supported the ethnic cleansing of Aboriginal Tasmanians during the period of martial law between 1828 and 1832. Professor Lawson made a compelling case for the Tasmanian genocide. He further states that the colonists’ terms were ‘extermination and extirpation’ when they discussed the colonial invasion of the homelands of the island’s Aboriginal inhabitants (Lawson 2014). Nick Brodie argues that the genocide was highly orchestrated, but deliberately downplayed, in order to eliminate Aboriginal people. Brodie used over 1,000 pages of Colonel George Arthur’s handwritten documents, informing exactly how he executed the genocide in Tasmania (Brodie 2017).

Arthur leaked stories to the press to gain support from the people. He publicly announced ‘retirement’ for people who continued to support the genocide, and also selective evidence was given to the investigative committee to cover up his atrocities. Arthur also declared that details of the genocide had to become top secret and continued with military offensives against the remaining Aboriginal people (Harman 2018). Most of the Aboriginal people had been forcibly removed from their homeland and killed or had died from the introduced disease (Lourandos 1997). The last Tasmanian Aboriginal, Truganini, watched her people being massacred, her mother killed by sailors, her uncle shot by soldiers, her sister abducted by sealers, and her fiancé brutally murdered by timber cutters. She was raped and exiled. Truganini lived through the mass killing of her own family members, relatives, friends, and other Tasmanian Aboriginals (Morris 2017).

Killing as a sport in Afghanistan

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison described it as brutal and ugly truths. Finally, the defence force’s instinctive nature to cover up embarrassment was exposed. According to Dr. Crompvoets, 44, a highly intelligent and businesswoman who runs a firm specialising in examining and improving organisational culture in Canberra, the Australian elite special forces were involved in shocking war crimes in Afghanistan. "Some spoke of 'killing as a sport. One of the most disturbing things for me was people saying the phrase ‘it happened all the time,” says Dr. Samantha Crompvoets. The information of insiders and whistle-blowers disclosed a summary of executions that were celebrated, normalised, and almost a rite of passage for some special forces. Unarmed teens having their throats slit and their bodies disposed of in a river. Junior soldiers were encouraged to execute prisoners and defenceless, unarmed civilians, some had their hands bound. The core issue is toxic leadership with overwhelming hatred towards other races. It starts with the self-centered culture which sees the other races as inferior races. Taking the law into their own hands, breaking the rules, creating concoct stories, and lying through their teeth. This is how the hardcore white supremacists make other races inferior based on my own experience as a writer in Australia.

We need a whistle-blower from the Australian citizenship department.

The Australian Government deleted my citizenship and brought me to the street for making awareness of the First Nations' and refugees' hardships. Not only the government had done such cruel things but managed to isolate me in such a way, I could not even find a lawyer to defend my case. The government also manages to hoodwink billions of Asians, so they would not believe my struggles as a writer in Australia. When I had reached out to the international community, the government silently reinstated my citizenship without an explanation or apology. The Australian leaders have been indulging extraordinary power. Recently, the Chief of the Australian Defence Force Angus Campbell has offered a "sincere and unreserved" apology to the Afghan people in relation to the Australian Special Forces' unlawful killings. At the same time, the Australian Government continues to make its own citizens suffer, Julian Assange in prison and I am in open-air prison due to the government's systematic isolation. The way Australian leaders treat me is very appalling in the 21st century. I already had coronavirus by having shared accommodation at youth hostels. The government is stopping me from getting a job, this makes me harder to rent or own a property in Australia. I am aware the government wants to get rid of me without getting caught under foul play, so it can continue to dominate others in the name of democracy and human rights.

The elite special forces who have committed war crimes are facing the court, but the top chain of command in the defnce forces and politicians continue to delude the people.

We still don't know which Federal officials gave permission for people who infected COVID-19 to disembark the Ruby Princess on March 19, 2020. It was the ill-fated cruise ship that spawned more than 900 COVID-19 cases; potentially thousands of cases had been allowed to scatter to all corners of the country and around the world. Federal Agriculture officials admitted they did not do the required health checks. There is no revelation on who has approved private security guards to monitor hotel quarantine. The deadly second wave of coronavirus was caused after infections leaked out of the hotels. In Victoria more than 800 people lost their lives, 1,200 jobs per day were shed and billions of dollars lost as businesses were forced to close their doors. Nationwide around 900 Australians have lost their lives by COVID 19 due to the politicians' negligence. In America, more than 532,000 people have lost their lives. Notably, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden did not kill anyone, but Julian Assange is in prison and Edward Snowden is in exile. I did not even harm anyone, but the government continues to isolate me due to my writings. This is not fair and justice at all. The incompetent politicians, intelligence officers, and the top chain of command in the defnce forces would not admit their utter failures but continue to delude the people because good people do not speak up.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Scandals and Corruptions of Australia.

According to the Guardian, two of the wealthiest landholders in the region, Mark Perich and Louise Waterhouse met with Paul Fletcher, then responsible for urban infrastructure, and Josh Frydenberg, the then environment minister in relation to the proposed airport development. After two minutes of conversation around the table, the consensus was the airport was marvellous. Eventually, the infrastructure department made the acquisition of land from the Perich family, billionaire dairy farmers, and property developers, at a hugely inflated price of 30 million which was ten times than its actual value. This scandal has prompted a federal police probe and a review by Vivienne Thom, the former inspector general of intelligence and security.

The corrupt officials and incompetent politicians would not admit their ill dealings and utter failures. Julian Assange in prison and I am in isolation due to my writings, but the corrupt officials and incompetent politicians’ popularity and wealth continue to increase. This is not going to help the western countries to be on top forever. The West’s fall is imminent. Otherwise, you would not see increasing corruption, divisions and recent chaotic election in the US. Regardless of who becomes president, the US cannot lecture others on elections anymore. The superpower is falling, this is bad news for the Australian white supremacists. The United States of America has lost its soul when it supports the ugly minds of right-wing Australian political elites.

The Bush-fire Disasters.

According to the Age Newspaper, in January 2019 the Federal government had rejected major air-tanker expansion to combat the bushfires. But in March 2019 the Guardian Australia had revealed the federal government increased security agencies’ budget by $570 million dollars in extra funding. Clearly, the government has not responded wisely to combat the bush-fire disasters. It has preoccupied with the security agencies' agenda. The government was pushed to believe that rising China is far more dangerous than bushfires. Without a doubt, the security agencies deliberately misled the leaders to safeguard their interests. Obviously, security agencies would demonise anyone and everyone to safeguard their jobs, perks, and benefits.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is not a wise leader to prioritise what is important for Australians and the country. The Morrison Government has utterly failed to safeguard the Australian people, their properties, and wildlife. The Australian bush-fires have killed an estimated 1.25 billion animals and burnt more than a billion trees. They will cause permanent damage to the country's environment and wildlife presence, according to experts. The fires have burnt 31 million acres across six states and are estimated to lead to the deaths of more than one billion native animals, whether directly or indirectly - Stuart Blanch at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia.

Indigenous people are Australia's priority, not Iraq war.

As soon as the Australian parliament passed the bill to go to war in Iraq, I wrote an article 'Australia cannot afford to go to war while Australia's backyard is in an absolute mess.' I had published the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids' photos with running nose, dirty hair and barefoot. Since the European invasion, Australian Aboriginal people have been going nowhere in terms of their rights. I have been writings to make awareness, but it has been extremely difficult. We have heard Germans rescued Jews during Hitler's atrocities, but we never heard an Aboriginal person was rescued by the British settlers while eliminating Aboriginal people on genocide in Tasmania.

In 1953, the German government made payments to the Jewish people as a way of acknowledging Germany’s responsibility. However, still, Australia hasn't acknowledged any of its genocides. The successive governments have been painting a glamorous picture of their governance and do not want the world to see the truth. In the 21st century among the western countries, only Australia allows its Parliament to validly enact laws that are racially discriminatory. The Australian Federal and State Parliaments and corporate offices are representing white Australia policy as in the 1960s. Sadly, the government is not valuing talented people from minority races.

MY knowledge has been overlooked due to racial profiling.