Corruptions in AUSTRALIA

According to the Guardian, two of the wealthiest landholders in the region, Mark Perich and Louise Waterhouse met with Paul Fletcher and Josh Frydenberg. After two minutes of conversation around the table, the consensus was the airport was marvellous. Eventually, the infrastructure department made the acquisition of land from the Perich family, billionaire dairy farmers, and property developers, at a hugely inflated price of 30 million which was ten times than its actual value. This scandal has prompted a federal police probe and a review by Vivienne Thom, the former inspector general of intelligence and security.

The corrupt officials politicians would not admit their ill dealings. Julian Assange in prison and I am in isolation because we expose war crimes and corruptions, but the corrupt and incompetent politicians’ popularity and wealth continue to increase. This is not going to help the western countries to be on top forever. The West’s fall is imminent. Otherwise, you would not see increasing corruptions, scandals and divisions. The US cannot lecture others anymore, the superpower is falling, this is bad news for the Australian white supremacists. The United States of America has lost its soul by supporting the right-wing Australian political elites.