Killing as a sport in Afghanistan

Prime Minister Scott Morrison described it as 'brutal and ugly truths.' Usually, the leaders' and defence forces' instinctive nature is covering up the embarrassments, but this was exposed. According to Dr. Crompvoets, 44, a highly intelligent and businesswoman who runs a firm specialising in examining and improving organisational culture. The Australian elite special forces were involved in shocking war crimes in Afghanistan. 'Some spoke of 'killing as a sport, one of the most disturbing things for me was people saying the phrase it happened all the time' says Dr. Samantha Crompvoets. The information of insiders and whistle-blowers disclosed a summary of executions that were celebrated, normalised, and almost a rite of passage for some special forces. Unarmed teens having their throats slit and their bodies disposed of in a river. Junior soldiers were encouraged to execute prisoners and defenceless, unarmed civilians, some had their hands bound. The core issue is toxic leadership with overwhelming hatred towards other races. It starts with 'supremacy' culture which sees the other races as inferior. This mindset encourages them to take the law into their own hands, breaking the rules, creating concoct stories, and lying through their teeth. This is how the white supremacists dealt with Aboriginal people, they had completely eliminated Aboriginal people in Tasmania.

The forces who have committed war crimes are facing the court, but the top chain of command and politicians continue to delude the people.

We still don't know which Federal officials gave permission for people who were infected with COVID-19 to disembark the Ruby Princess on March 19, 2020. It was the ill-fated cruise ship that spawned more than 900 COVID-19 cases; potentially thousands of cases had been allowed to scatter to all corners of the country and around the world. Federal Agriculture officials admitted they did not do the required health checks. There is no revelation on who has approved private security guards to monitor hotel quarantine. The deadly second wave of coronavirus was caused after infections leaked out of the hotels. In Victoria more than 800 people lost their lives, 1,200 jobs per day were shed and billions of dollars were lost as businesses were forced to close their doors. Nationwide around 900 Australians have lost their lives to COVID-19 due to the politicians' negligence. In America, more than 532,000 people have lost their lives. Notably, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden did not kill anyone, but Julian Assange is in prison and Edward Snowden is in exile. I did not even harm anyone, but the government continues to isolate me due to my writing. This is not fair at all. The incompetent politicians, intelligence officers, and the top chain of command in the defense forces would not admit their utter failures but continue to delude the people because good people do not speak up.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke